Wednesday 22 November 2017

40 Before 40....

Yesterday was my birthday....I'm now 38 years old. Eek! I don't feel 38 most of the time.....A few weeks ago I tried to buy alcohol from a shop and got asked for I.D. I laughed at them but they still wouldn't serve me because I didn't have any I.D. lol I felt like a child....The young lass serving me was only a few years older than my teen. hahaha

Anyway I have decided to write a list of things that I want to do before I hit the big 4-0! Heading towards 40 doesn't bother me at all....Age is just a number after all.

Get a passport.
Have a proper afternoon tea somewhere fancy.
Change my hair colour drastically. Something bright and loud!
Get a tattoo.
Have a proper holiday.
Get over my fear of hospitals and doctors.
Learn how to master smokey eyes from YouTube tutorials.
Go to the cinema alone to see something I want to see.
Start driving lessons and maybe pass my test.
Wear fake eyelashes.
Get up the first time the alarm goes off. Just once.
Lose some more weight.
Buy something expensive for myself.
Make bread from scratch.
Get served alcohol in a shop without being asked for I.D.
Watch all of the Star Wars films. 
Go camping.
Sing karaoke.
Get a pet.
Learn to crochet.
Boil an egg properly, so it's still dippy.
Eat at a very fancy restaurant.
Meet at least one of my blogging best friends.
Go to a blog conference.
Stay up and watch a WWE Pay per View. I used to stay up years ago...Before kids.
Wake up in time to see a sunrise.
Visit London.
Read more books.
Go horse riding again.
Have a night away with my fella.
Have my eyebrows professionally done. Waxed or plucked or whatever they do. 
Get a proper camera.
Go to the gym.
Visit my dad. I have never seen where he lives and the business he runs.
Say no more! I say yes to too many people when I don't want to do things.
Host a dinner party.
Learn to sew.
Grow something edible like a tomato or strawberry.
Stop caring what people think.

What do you want to do before you hit a big milestone age?


  1. This is an awesome list! I'm about to have my 1st tattoo, a Xmas gift from my eldest, eek! Xx

  2. What a great list. I really hope you manage to achieve them all. And if you make it to a blogging conference you'll meet lots of blogging friends! I didn't go to any last year, so really want to go to at least one next year.

  3. Ah I love this list Kim and I hope you manage to tick everything off before you hit the big 40. Giggling that you got asked for I.D. omg that would make my month. I discovered afternoon tea when I hit 40 and I tend to treat myself about once every 6 months (you can often get some great afternoon tea deals on Groupon) x