Friday 10 November 2017

A little bit of waffling.... #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I have written this blog post twice already and deleted them....The first one was too moany, the second one was just too long and this one is the one I'm sticking with. I feel like I am just waffling on....

We went into Ellie's school to see the head. Ellie had some issues which I won't go into now....It's too much to explain and I have a whole blog post about it next week. Ellie was feeling excluded by the other kids at school so the head is doing things to change things and make Ellie feel needed and wanted at school. It was a really positive meeting.

Ellie went to the local secondary school to sing with her school choir at an awards ceremony. My fella and I went to watch and it was just lovely. Showing off the successes from the past school year. It was a bit of a late night and we didn't get home until after 9pm which meant we had one tired girl yesterday morning. So tired that she was late for school. I wasn't letting her leave the house with no breakfast.

Becky brought home a letter from her Health and Social class A permission slip to bring the infant simulator home one weekend....It's one of those life like baby dolls which cry, need feeding and their nappies changed and record how they are being looked after....I can't wait. It will be sleeping or not sleeping in Becky's room. She's so excited but I think she's in for such a shock....

I am sat here at just gone 9pm drinking Baileys and I am feeling so Christmassy. It seems like now Bonfire night is over everyone has gone Christmas mad. I love it. I have been listening to Christmas music all week. The Heart music channel has it on. hehehe

We have got all the dates of the school performances, parties and special dates...I am really going to make the most of it with it being Ellie's last year at primary school. Becky has no fun now she's at secondary school....

Every day this week I have had deliveries. Christmas presents for the girls and there has been some packages which are addressed to Stu....He tells me they are my birthday pressies but won't tell me what he's got me....Hmmf. How unfair!

As I am writing this Stu my fella is at work on the worst ever shift. 6pm until midnight. They are stocktaking and I am guessing it is the start of the random Christmas season shifts....The manager has made a big deal over the last few months about not being able to change days off but we will see how that works out because as it stands now Stu will be off work on Christmas eve for the first time since we have been together! The joys of working in retail....I just know she'll manage to change his shift so he'll be working but I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

See a lot of waffling....I couldn't decide on one word to describe our week.


  1. very clever of you, not being able to think of word for the waffle :) There is a lot going on. I do hope Ellie is okay, school can be so difficult sometimes xx

  2. Nothing like a good waffle. Good to hear Ellie's school is taking your concerns seriously. The evening of singing must have helped to lift her. I've been holding off on the Christmas front. I get too carried away, but I'm going to take your music playing as a sign I can break open the Christmas spirit too! #wotw

  3. Lol, it's nice waffling though! Well done to Ellie on singing with her school choir at the awards ceremony and glad to hear that the meeting was positive. I will look forward to hearing how Becky gets on with the infant simulator! Fingers crossed that Stu manages to stay off for Christmas Eve x #WotW

  4. You've had lots going on this week, it all sounds positive. I'm glad that the meeting at school went well and how lovely to see the choir.I feel just the same as you with Christmas, it's like this week all of a sudden I have been buying, and though I've resisted Christmas films and music, I do want them!! That infant simulator should be interesting, have fun with that! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Life can have several elements going on. Sorry to hear about your daughter feeling excluded but glad to hear that something positive has come out of the meeting with the teachers. Hope you have a good weekend X #wotw

  6. Hi Kim, I love a good waffle too. I hope things get better for Ellie, it's not nice feeling excluded. And I love the thing with the baby simulator, if that isn't going to make youngsters think twice about the consequences of unprotected sex than nothing will! Ido love Christmas too, although not until December, I do like to be organised pressie wise though.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  7. It's so lovely now that everything is getting Christmassy - especially with a lot of the adverts coming this week too! Hope your daughter enjoys the simulator baby (and that it doesn't keep you awake)! #WotW x

  8. I'm with you when it comes to feeling festive and know the joys of shift work too well. #WotW