Saturday 25 November 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 47 #Project365

This time next month it will be Christmas day! Eek! I am feeling quite prepared....All the expensive presents are bought and I have nearly all the smaller presents but this week was all about presents and treats for me as it was my birthday. hehehe

We had a great week and here is a photo for everyday!

301/365 - 18th November
A Reese's selection box made Becky so happy.

302/365 - 19th November
Quarter past 4 in the afternoon and I realised we hadn't opened the curtains all day. Oops.

303/365 - 20th November
A competition win arrived from A Cornish Mum.....Harry Potter things. Fantastic!

304/365 - 21st November
My birthday cake. Yum! Yum!

305/365 - 22nd November
I was sent a ton of Baylis & Harding products to feature on my blog. This may be my favourite thing. It's so cute.

306/365 - 23rd November
Waiting to go into the dentist....Becky needs a filling but this was her first check up after getting her braces off and the dentist said people usually need a little work after getting them off.

307/365 - 24th November
Becky finally brought her school photo home....It feels like I've been waiting for it for months...


  1. Ooh well done on being organised for Christmas! Like the look of those Bayliss and Harding products. Cake looks yummy!

  2. Happy birthday!! That cake looks yummy. Hehe I don't suppose opening the curtains makes much difference when it gets dark so early! #365

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day. Your cake looks delicious. I'm still waiting for my daughter's school photo, I can't understand why they take so long.
    I could never leave the curtains shut all day. I always open them as soon as I get up!

  4. Well done on being so organised for Christmas. Becky looks very smart in her school photo.

  5. So happy your prizes arrived and that you loved them :) Best part about running comps is sending emails to winners :)

    Stevie x

  6. a nice feeling to have Christmas pretty sorted, well done you.
    You share a birthday with the twins then, belated happy birthday, the cake looks great.
    I never shut the curtains, just the blinds.

  7. Happy Birthday, your cake looks lush. Love the school photo too #365