Tuesday 21 November 2017

Pimp your drinks with PopaBall.

Have you heard of PopaBall? I hadn't until last week! They produce products that are aimed to ‘pimp your drinks’ with and they also have some lovely gift sets....Perfect for this time of year!

I was sent two products to have a look at and was very excited. I had never seen or tried anything like this before.

Blueberry & Lemon Flavour Bubbles for Gin£3.79
Each pack of bubbles serves 3-6 drinks.

Add a spoonful of bubbles to your G&T, suck them & your drink up through the straw provided and bite to release their fruity flavour!

These add flavour, texture and fun to your drink! The bubbles keep their shape and flavour until they burst and it is such a strange feeling when they do. They are a lot of fun and taste delicious!

The shell is made from seaweed extract and is therefore suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin - £7.49
Each jar contains 21 servings.

Fill 1/2 glass with ice. Add 25ml gin and top with tonic water. Slowly sprinkle in 1/3 of a teaspoon of the shimmer powder. Watch your gin bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical blue pearl shimmer! Sip away and enjoy your amazing, blueberry flavoured, sparkling gin!

I loved this! It made my drink look magical! It made me think of unicorns. hehehe It tasted so good and it made me feel so fancy drinking this! I will be saving the rest for Christmas to make the drinks extra special...

These products are not just for gin though! You could use them in prosecco, vodka and anything else fizzy! Even lemonade. They could make drinks extra special over the festive season!

Popaball also have some great gift sets. I love the look of the The Ultimate Gin gift set with Bubbles for £22.79 which I think is a fantastic price for a Blueberry flavour blue pearl shimmer powder, 120g, Blueberry & Lemon Flavour Bubbles for Gin, 1 chunky telescopic straw, 5cl bottle of gin, 200ml tonic water of your choice, 100g dry gin fizz gummies and a beautiful Popaball gold foiled gift bag!

Do you drink gin? Does any of this take your fancy?

I was sent the products mentioned free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. this gift set looks fab - i genuinely want it !

  2. Well that is different! Love the festive feel to it. #MMBC

  3. These look like such fun. I love the shimmery one. What a great way to make drinks that bit more special over Christmas!

  4. I don't drink gin but I absolutely want this set for my vodka for christmas though! #triedtested

  5. Ok these are SO cool!! Im going to order them for my upcoming Christmas party...

  6. I am not a gin drinker but I love Poppaballs. First up, I love Meecha which is a place which sells drinks with things in it, like popping balls or fruit chunks. I love their green tea latte with strawberry popping balls. So I bought some strawberry poppaballs so I could make the same at home :) Of course I had to try some in prosecco too which was really nice. I'll definitely be buying more and trying new flavours. I may even buy the gift set for my Sister-in-law as I'm sure she'l like them :)

  7. Yes! My brother bought me these for my birthday this year and I love them! x

  8. Oooooo I had been looking at these but they had mixed reviews. Good to know they taste good, might have to treat myself to some for Xmas.

  9. These look so much fun. They would be perfect to add into a homemade hamper gift x

  10. Never heard of these before and feel we're missing out! Love the shimmer one and going to 'pop' over (excuse the pun) and have a look at their website x #TriedTested x