Saturday 11 November 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 45 #Project365

We didn't get up to much last week but at the same time it seems like we didn't stop. Writing this last night I was ready for bed at 7pm. lol I didn't go to bed though. Friday evening is my favourite night to watch TV. 

These are my favourite photos from the past week....One for each day....

287/365 - 4th November
I found the Heart music channel had started playing Christmas songs....It wasn't long before Fairytale of New York came on. My favourite Christmas song!

288/365 - 5th November
We had a lazy Sunday. PJ's all day.

289/365 - 6th November
My youngest girls school has a thing for doing creative homework. I'm sure it is to torture the parents. Ellie is all for making a model of Henry the 8th's throne room...Eek!

290/365 - 7th November
I had a fab delivery. 24 bags of popcorn! I am usually not keen on popcorn but I love this one.

291/365 - 8th November
We went to the big school where Ellie was singing in her school choir....It was a fab event but did go on for so long.

292/365 - 9th November
Ellie's school photo finally arrived...Hooray!

293/365 - 10th November
An after school cup of tea and snack of biscuits.


  1. Our school photo arrived on Friday too! And PJ Sundays is our kind of day! I am not really a fan of creative homework!

  2. Pj day sounds wonderful. Hehe erm wishing you lots of luck with the throne room!! #365

  3. Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas song too! Although I don't want to hear it for another month yet! The school photo is lovely. The throne room sounds extremely challenging!

  4. Oh I love Christmas. And creative homework is my favourite to be honest. I love Carol of the Bells and last Christmas xx

  5. We're doing the Tudors at the moment in Year Three, thankfully my son opted to write a fact file about Henry VIII rather than build a Tudor building! That's my fav Christmas song too #365

  6. The throne room sounds ambitious - the other options on the form looked a lot easier. The school photo looks great.

  7. Ooh the throne room sounds impressive. Loving the school photo and such a great Christmas song xx