Friday 17 November 2017

Nothing seems to have gone to plan this week. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Nothing seems to have gone to plan this week....It hasn't been a bad week though. The plans we have had just changed....

I had a unplanned day and a half with Ellie my youngest. She was sent home from school on Tuesday after being sick in the playground at lunchtime. I would have said it was something she ate at school but the teacher says she ate nothing for lunch. She was sick a little more and slept all afternoon.....For tea she had toast and I didn't feel like eating after holding the sick bowl so Becky and I just had cereal. On Wednesday she was just about back to normal but still off her food....I went through all the food in the house to tempt her and for lunch she picked at a jam sandwich so I offered McDonalds for tea and she wolfed it down! Phew! There was 2 meals missed off the meal plan. Oops.

I'm glad to say there has been a change at school with Ellie. I wrote about how she had been feeling a bit left out but it seems after the head teacher has had a chat the girls have been a bit kinder and more thoughtful. Ellie is happier. The girls aren't her best friends and probably will never be but they are thinking about their actions more.

I had planned on getting the kids main Christmas presents on or around Black Friday with them being electrical things but over the past week I have seen everything I wanted for them at really low prices and I can't imagine getting them any cheaper even in any sales. I'm not going to say what they are in case the girls read here but my poor bank account is empty but it will be worth it on Christmas day as I think the girls will be very happy!

The main presents are getting delivered today and I am really hoping that I can fit them where I'm planning to hide them....If not I have no idea where they will

I had planned on finishing the Christmas shopping by the end of the month....At the time I thought it was wishful thinking but I think I'm going to do it, maybe by this time next week! There are a few things in my Amazon, Sports Direct and Tesco baskets that I want to get and then I'm done! Well apart from the sweets, food and wine. 

It's my birthday next week and I had planned on going to Brewers Fayre and using a voucher I was given after Ellie's rubbish birthday meal but I have noticed that Weatherspoon's have started with their Christmas meals so I'm fancying that and doing a bit of shopping afterwards. Weatherspoon's is near the shops & Brewers Fayre is a couple mile or so in the opposite direction.


  1. It's such a worry when they are ill especially when it affects their appetite. So glad she's feeling a bit better, and I wouldn't think of going to Weatherspoons for a birthday meal as ours are in the centre of town and get packed.

  2. oh poor Ellie, I hope she's fit and well again now and I'm glad things are better at school for her. Whatever you decide for your birthday meal I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to see Santa at Hatton Adventure Farm for mine, lol!

  3. I'm glad Ellie's feeling better now and she's getting on better at school. Like you, I was holding off for Black Friday but I've seen bargains and bought and now have no room to hide everything! Hope you have a wonderful birthday x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. You are so organized! I swear you should hire yourself out as a personal shopper. I've started buying bits and pieces, but that is about it. Glad Ellie is feeling better and the school has acted on your concerns. Enjoy your birthday meal! #wotw

  5. Eek it is horrible seeing them I'll and not their full self. But V
    Glad to hear that she is feeling better now, can't beat a good old McDonald's! I feel your pain with the bank balance, I have only just started. Glad to hear Ellie is feeling much happier, makes all the difference to learning when you more comfortable in the environment X #wotw

  6. Glad to hear that Ellie is feeling better now and that she is happier at school. Hope you managed to find hiding places for the Christmas presents! :-) #WotW

  7. Oh no! Glad Ella is feeling better and happier :) my week has been a bit like your's.. glass of wine?

  8. Oh poor Ellie and glad she is feeling better now. I agree with Christmas presents, if you see them at a good price then get them. Many a time I have waited and found the products have actually gone up in price. So annoying. Sounds as if you are really organised. Have a lovely birthday Kim x