Wednesday 1 November 2017

What I loved in October....

Another month has flown over...Since the kids went back to school in September time is flying. We've had the build up to Halloween, me still being in the Tots100, cosy nights with the heating on and curtains shut and half term.

Blogging friends.

The lovely Jayne who blogs at Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs put me forward for a gifting collaboration with She didn't have to choose me but did and I am so grateful....I received a Dyson bundle and I have never vacuumed so much ever.....I will never use another brand again! 

Stranger Things.

I have read about it online so much and it has been on my list of things to watch but I never quite got around to it.....On Saturday night I started watching and after a few jumps at the beginning which nearly made me turn off I was hooked! It is such a fantastic show. Yesterday I finished watching it! Watching it all over a few days was great but now I'm guessing I have a long wait for the next series!


In case you didn't realise as well as my normal blog posts I took part in the Blogtober17 challenge where the prompts were given by Hex Mum. There was some random posts from me during October but I enjoyed it. There was things I wouldn't have normally blogged about like how I love fresh flowers, what my girls love and good and bad secrets. It was great to find some new blogs to read....


I don't really care for Halloween but because of the kids we have done a few Halloween related things. Crafts, baking and of course carved some pumpkins. They love Halloween....

Idiot neighbours.

I don't love the idiot neighbours but I do enjoy the laughs the bring me....There is dumbo over the road who kept me awake all night arguing with people. The police eventually arrived and arrested him I think. I haven't seen or heard him since....Then there is the people next door who have had their Christmas decorations up for over a couple of weeks. Really! I love Christmas but that is too soon. Oh and they also had a firework party a couple of weeks ago...I thought there was a bomb going off in their back yard....I seriously think they are confused with their

The support from school.

It applies to both my girls schools.....Some teachers are amazing. I have found some are more helpful than others but once you find the right one to talk to they go above and beyond to help. We had a parents evening for Ellie and it takes all my effort not to jump over the table and hug my girls teacher. She is just so ruddy lovely and supportive with Ellie's suspected autism...

What have you loved in October?


  1. I hope you have told the teacher how good she is. I think it is so easy not to but just to think it. I like the idea of celebrating the good stuff every month

    1. I definitely have told her. Several times. I think she thinks I'm a bit weird because I keep telling her she's amazing! lol x

  2. Hi Kim, you've had plenty of things to love in October. I like cozy nights by the fire too. Winter is the perfect time for shutting the world out. I've seen Stranger Things on Netflix but not watched it. I've recently finished watching Suits, which I loved, so may give Stranger Things a go later... It was Gregs teacher in his final year of school who really helped us get a diagnosis for him. She went above and beyond and for that I will never be able to thank her enough. If she'd have been one of the teachers she had earlier in his schooling things may have been so different. I do hope you get the answers you are looking for, for Ellie. #PoCoLo


  3. Aw, you're very welcome! Of course I was going to choose my buddy ;)
    October was a nice month for you. I hope this month is even better x

  4. October sounds like a great month for you except the neighbours! #pocolo

  5. Aw this is lovely. Here's hoping November is just as good for you. xx