Saturday 4 November 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 44 #Project365

Week 44 already.....These weeks are flying over. If I didn't join in with Project 365 I probably wouldn't notice that we are on week 44 of the year! Eek! Christmas is coming. hehehe

This week the kids went back to school, I watched Stranger Things from the beginning, had Halloween fun and a mid week visit to soft play.

280/365 - 28th October
We had a pretty epic party tea for no special reason....The leftovers were eaten the next day.

281/365 - 29th October
I had to look at this...The Halloween decorations were up and I wasn't too keen on the spiders.

282/365 - 30th October
I took a picture of all the clothes I folded before I put them away just so I could prove to my fella that I did actually do something....Just a little in-between watching episodes of Stranger Things. I started on season 1 on Saturday and finished season 2 on Tuesday. lol

283/365 - 31st October
We went out trick or treating and the kids got plenty of treats.

284/365 - 1st November
We went to soft play.

285/365 - 2nd November
I couldn't help myself. Anything with a Unicorn is a hit in this house...

286/365 - 3rd November
The usual photo for Friday....My teen home from school settled on her tablet. She wore braces for a couple of years and couldn't eat whole apples....I find it so strange seeing her eat them now. 


  1. Oh those unicorn loops look a lot of fun. I just love halloween and your food and decorations look amazing. A good week all round x

  2. Braces can stop you eating quite a few things, glad she has them off.
    good grief at unicorn cereals.
    Lots of yummy food there.
    I have toyed with watching Stranger Things and may get round to it when I finish what I am watching now

  3. Bet she's pleased to have the braces off. I had a plate so didn't struggle with stuff like that.

  4. My sister had braces so I know your chid is happy to have them off. Quite a spread for your party! #MMBC

  5. That party spread looks rather impressive, the unicorn cereal looks interesting #365