Saturday 18 November 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 46 #Project365

This has been a rubbish week for photos...I'm sorry. I don't like putting the heating on when it's just me in the house so I have been mostly hiding under a blanket trying to keep warm this week! 

I still managed a photo every day though...

294/365 - 11th November
At 5pm it was a tough choice.....Open the wine or have a glass of pop. hehehe I went for the pop.

295/365 - 12th November
I bought some selection boxes to put away for Christmas and put them on the fridge out the way of the kids. I shouldn't have left them where I could see them. I may have dipped into one. Oops.

296/365 - 13th November
Monkey is ready for Christmas. 

297/365 - 14th November
Ellie got sent home from school after being sick. She is fine now. An afternoon on the sofa made her feel better.

298/365 - 15th November
A day of school for Ellie due to her being sick....She had a ton of toys scattered around the dining room. I asked her to tidy them up and she piled everything on the table. Ugh! 

299/365 - 16th November
Thursday was my blogs birthday! 5 years has flown over.

300/365 - 17th November
She had nothing spotty to wear for the non-uniform day at school so she made do with her Children in Need headband.


  1. I don't put the heating on when I'm on my own either. It means I'm always wearing a coat in the house! Glad Ellie felt better quickly. Happy birthday to your blog!

  2. Glad Ellie is better now. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging.

  3. I have the heating on just now, it's so cold. Glad Ellie is feeling better. Happy blogoversary lovely and happy birthday to you x

  4. Glad she is feeling better, nothing worse for them then being ill away from home.
    Tut tut at the selection box raiding, but now it is started it will need to be finished

  5. Wow congrats on the blog birthday! Glad Ellie is feeling better now #365