Saturday 24 February 2018

Fletter the word game that makes you think fast but act faster!

Fletter is the fast paced word game for all the family and is sure to test even the quickest thinkers!  

You have to shout out words at rapid-fire speed from the letters placed before you before the other players can. Use your brain to string the letters into words and use your voice to claim them! The words claimed by you will then translate into the number of points you’ve made.

This seemed like a great game to get my girls thinking....Ellie my youngest has her SATs this year and mock SATs next week. She didn't have any homework this weekend in preparation for the mock SATs. I still wanted her brain working but wanted her to have fun too. This game sounded perfect!

Players put cards into the middle and the game starts as soon as there is enough to make a word....Fletter is played in 4 rounds....3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words and 6 letter words....Each round ends when all the players have run out of cards....

We decided to play with just 3 and 4 letter rounds....Ellie is clever but 5 and 6 letter words were a struggle for her but easy for her 15 year old sister. I wanted to make it a little fairer to them both....

At the end of each round you add up the points on each card to find the total score.....

The girls had great fun playing this and as I am writing this they are still playing....This really is a great game to get children using their brain but can be played by adults too. I imagine it getting so competitive. 

This is pocket sized and can be played on the go with a minimum of 2 players....Ideally it is for ages 8 plus but you could just play with 3 letter words for younger children....

Fletter costs £7.99 and you can buy it from their shop.

Pitting player against player on the basis of letters and language, Fletter is the ideal game for anyone who loves words, or a riveting dose of friendly competition. And there you have it. Fletter is really that simple. Play it to find out!

We were sent this game free of charge to play and review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. What a fun game - I could see folks of all ages yelling out their words. #MMBC

  2. That looks like really good fun, and very straightforward to get the hang of.