Tuesday 27 February 2018

Kirstie Allsopp Fragrant Rose Soap Making Kit - Review!

Last week I blogged about some great Mothers Day craft ideas from Hobbycraft....Along with the canvasses and flower pots we also received the Kirstie Allsopp Fragrant Rose Soap Making Kit....

I was going to let Becky my teenager help make these soaps but she had better things to do....I went ahead and made them myself....I have never made soap before! The kids have. lol but I haven't....This seemed like a grown up kit so was keen to give it a try....

This kit each contains everything you'll need to get started. It includes white melt and pour soap base, clear melt and pour soap base, rose fragrance, rose moulds and pink powdered dye....Perfect whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert.

I went off to the kitchen and started cutting the soap base. I used half the white and half of the clear....You add it to a heat proof jug and and put that into a half filled pan of water....A lot like melting chocolate.....

I soon realised that I had added too much too much to the jug and had cut my pieces too big. It took a long while to melt the chunks down...I ended up splitting it between two jugs. Things like this are a learning process. I will know for next time....

When the first jug had melted I added some of the rose fragrance and the pink powdered dye and poured it into the moulds....It smelt amazing! With the 2nd jug I added less dye so it was a different colour....

When I added the mixture to the moulds I poured the first three and had a little mixture left so added it to the top of the 3 I had just put in the moulds....You can see on the middle one how that ended up....Oops! lol I think with things like this you just have to go for it and not hold back....

I left it all for a couple of hours to set and carefully prised them out.....I was very impressed with the end result! 

This is a great set....The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow...I made the soaps in the most basic of ways there is many ways to make it....You can try marbling it, adding rose petals, making it striped or whatever you fancy!

Whether you give this kit as a gift, create handmade soaps to treat friends or family with or simply spoil yourself, it'll be perfect.

The Kirstie Allsopp Fragrant Rose Soap Making Kit costs £20.00 and is exclusive to Hobbycraft.

I was sent this kit free of charge to try and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own...


  1. Oh cool I like the idea of making your own soap, my eldest would love to do this as he loves making things X #mmbc

  2. The soaps look ace - I like this crafting kit, it's useful too :) Sim x

  3. A very pretty result! This looks like good fun.

  4. Oh I love this kind of thing. I like kits that have everything in too #triedtested

  5. What a great idea i know my neices would love to try this too

  6. My daughter would love to give this a try x

  7. I love the look of this and very Kirsty! #triedtested

  8. That sounds like so much fun and the finished soaps look great :-) #TriedTested

  9. This is beautiful l love to craft and i'm always looking for new ideas, fab l love it!

  10. My Grand Daughter would love this

  11. I'm a huge Kirsty Allsop fan - like her, I love to try lots of new crafts. I must look this one out, I'd love to have a try!