Wednesday 21 February 2018

Vitamin D supplements from Vega Vitamins.

A few weeks ago we had the flu and we were all feeling pretty run down. It's that time of year isn't it...When we were on the mend I was contacted by Vega Vitamins and asked if we would like to try out some Vitamin D supplements...It came just at the right time. I know over the winter months we don't get enough sunshine on our skins....

The UK Government recommends that all members of the population supplement their Vitamin D intake throughout the Autumn and Winter months. Almost two thirds of the British public (64%) were found to be Vitamin-D deficient. With only 6% of British children supplementing their vitamin D intake...

Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and promotes healthy bones, teeth and muscle growth as well as supporting our immune system. Recent studies have also found that vitamin D helps protect against colds, asthma and cardiovascular disease among other ailments.

We were sent a few products to try out as a family.....

EveryDay-D: 400IU Vitamin D3 Chewable Tablets.
RRP £5.95 for 100 tablets or £26.95 for 500 tablets

Vega EveryDay-D gives you an hour of vitamin D sunshine. Studies suggest that 400IU (10 micrograms) of vitamin D is equivalent to one hour's exposure of the face, neck and arms to sunshine during the autumn and winter months.

These easy to take blackcurrant flavoured chewable tablets and suitable for both adults and children from age 4 onwards. They are quite tasty and Becky has had no trouble in chewing them.....

Urgent-D: 2000IU Vitamin D3 Chewable Tablets.
RRP £7.95 for 60 tablets

Vega Urgent-D contains 2,000IU (50 micrograms). An intensive dose for adults wishing to supplement at a higher level offering the equivalent of four hours of sunshine exposure.

These are again the blackcurrant-flavoured chewable tablet and are designed specifically for adults and Stu and I have been taking these....They are tasty enough and it has became a routine to take one each morning....

EveryDay-D: 400IU Vitamin D3 Spray
RRP £5.95 for 200 sprays.

Vega EveryDay-D 400IU vitamin D3 spray is a hyper-absorbable orange flavoured spray designed for the whole family. It is very easy to use and can be sprayed inside the cheek or under the tongue for absorption directly into the bloodstream in less than four minutes.

For use by both adults and children from age 4 onwards this has been Ellie's choice of how to take Vitamin D. You simply spray it onto inside of the cheek or under the tongue then swallow after 30 seconds. It tastes like really strong orange juice 

I don't know if it's just in my head playing tricks with me but with taking the tablets I have been feeling brighter and like I have a little more energy. There has been no negative health effects that I have noticed....They seem to be keeping us well.

I think these are something I will have to take for a couple of more months to see the real results or until the sun starts shining again properly....

We were sent the Vitamin D supplements free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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