Saturday 10 February 2018

Week 6 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

We are over the flu! Hooray! This last week was a good one....We have been just plodding along with life but it has been enjoyable. 

Now for a photo every day...

34/365 - 3rd February
I had a lovely soak in the bath....

35/365 - 4th February
The daffodils from My Sunday Photo post finally bloomed.

36/365 - 5th February
Ellie had a sick day. She had been up all night coughing and was exhausted....

37/365 - 6th February
We had more snow....It settled on the shed roof but that's about it....It was too wet. 

38/365 - 7th February
Ellie had a new reading book and it is just awful. I don't like creepy crawly things.

39/365 - 8th February
My fella's Valentines day pressie....An engraved hammer. It's not very romantic but it will get used. I got it from the Card Factory....

40/365 - 9th February
Flowers were delivered with the food shop....


  1. That's a lot of foam in the bath! Hope Ellie feels better. My guys and I also keep coughing, just can't shift the blasted cough. That book, eeek, makes me shudder. And LOl @ the romantic gift for Valentine's. :)

  2. I miss a good soak in the bath.....doubt we will ever have one as I have no plans to move until my wooden box arrives, well hopefully an environmentally friendly cardboard one.
    The definition of a good present is one that will get used, so looks great to me and I like the wording.
    Shame Ellie is feeling rough when the rest of you are recovering, hope she feels better soon.

  3. I love the engraved hammer! I should get my husband one of those. Sorry to hear Ellie was poorly, hope she feels better soon.

  4. those daffodils have some staying power and the tulips are gorgeous. Love the hammer, it's a lovely gift, just be careful not to knock hubby too hard on the head with it lol. Did Ellie bring the book home on purpose knowing you don't like creepy crawlies, my kids used to do that to my mum

  5. Hope Ellie's feeling better soon. N had a day off this week too. I expect we've got that book to look forward to in future. Dull, I hate those reference reading books that come home.

  6. Hope Ellie's feeling better. You can't beat a bit of colour with some daffs and tulips can you #365

  7. Hope Ellie's feeling better soon. Big hugs. So many bugs going around. Love the big of colour, it's spring xx #365

  8. Glad you are all over the flu! But hope Ellie is better now.

    I am with you on the book...I don't like creepy crawlies either!

  9. Love the practical Valentine's Gift! Hope Ellie is better soon.

  10. Our snow has been so disappointing yet again! Love the hammer. #project365

  11. Lovely photos, I could do with a lovely long soak in the bath right now.