Friday 16 February 2018

We've had a week of being together. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This might be a long one....The kids have been on their half term holidays and Stu my fella has been off work. We have spent the week together and it has been lovely! We haven't really done much but at the same time we seem to have done loads and had a lot going on....

On Monday Ellie spent the day on the sofa sleeping after not feeling too well. She was fine after a long nap....Becky decided that she was going to change her bedroom around.....She moved everything all she needed help with was moving her TV. She was so proud with the end results.

I spent Monday afternoon trying to fix problems with my Twitter which weren't even caused by me. (I thought they were to start with. lol). Twitter is blocking all UK Blogspot links which meant I couldn't tweet anything promoting my blog. I spent a good couple of hours stressing about it while a few lovely ladies in a Facebook group tried to help. Another lady was having the same problem so I didn't feel so alone. I still don't think it's fixed but I have discovered that if I change the uk to com it works fine! Phew!

There was also the reminder from Facebook that it was nine years since Ellie broke her finger which meant it was 9 years on Tuesday gone since we found out she had a problem with her heart....

I have spent the last week or so blogging about all CHD related things as it was CHD Awareness Week. It is therapeutic to get things out and if one person reads one of my CHD blog posts and learns something I feel like I am doing some good....

On Tuesday we had a day of doing crafts. The girls finished their canvasses off which I showed in My Sunday Photo post...We painted plant pots and did some Chinese new year crafts which will be on a YouTube channel later today....I edited the video but forgot to upload it. Oops. Oh and we of course ate plenty of pancakes.....

I had a wonderful Valentines day and felt very spoilt. My fella knows me so well. New pj's, bath bombs, chocolates and a few other bits made me so happy....hehehe He loved the hammer I bought him and the personalised beer glass...I had planned on cooking a meal for us both. The £20 meal deal from Tesco. I added it to the basket but forgot to checkout and pay. lol We had a takeaway. The kids were happy.

Yesterday Stu had a day of DIY....He broke the flush on the toilet & had to buy a replacement and fit it. He then went on and hung a couple of mirrors that we had got a while ago. We now all have full length mirrors in our bedrooms....Becky played on the xBox and Ellie and I on The Sims....

We still haven't made it to Newcastle on our shopping trip. Time seems to have just ran away with us. When we haven't been doing stuff we have just been relaxing. We are hoping to go tomorrow....I hate Newcastle on a Saturday as it's always so busy. At least there isn't a football match on! Phew!


  1. It sounds like you have all had a lovely week, nice and relaxing just being together. I'm sure your CHD blog posts help lots of people who are looking for advice and information or just to know they are not alone. Have a great weekend x

  2. It's sounds like a good week apart from the Twitter thing. Have a good day in Newcastle tomorrow, I hope it's not too busy x

  3. Hi Kim, you have crammed a lot into half term! Becky looks so chuffed with her room, it's cute... That Twitter thing sounds a right pain at least you've got to the bottom of it, but it sound like unnessecary social media platform pettiness to me.


  4. Fab week,I do like potting tunings at home. It give us time to rest. My half term week starts today And looking forward to the rest X #wotw

  5. Sounds like a lovely week, nice to all be together. A nice mix of relaxing and being productive, just perfect x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. I know right, time flies and half term is over now! You had been busy. I read about that twitter problem. Reading the link you have provided in this post now. Hope I will understand all these changes. Its like the world is turning against blogs and bloggers! #wotw

  7. We've had a similar half term. Time together, which I've loved. You've fitted so much into your week.Not sure I'd want to go into town on a Saturday either. Hope it goes well. #wotw

  8. It sounds like you've had a lovely half-term spending time together. I can imagine the anniversary of Ellie breaking her finger can be a little hard with all the other memories that come with it. Love the canvases that your girls have made x #WotW

  9. It's amazing what a change round of furniture can do to a place and I do love the arts and crafts you've been up to. #WotW