Thursday 1 February 2018

What I loved in January....

The first half of January really dragged....The 2nd half flew over! We haven't had a bad month....There was a couple of iffy moments but nothing we couldn't get through.....

The Christmas Holidays.
Usually the kids break up a week or so before Christmas and then go back to school just after new year....This year they went back in the 2nd week of January and it was lovely. We could all fully relax! We played games, watched films and ate lots of chocolate.....Perfect!

Reviewing some fantastic products.
January was really busy for things to review here.....January is usually a slow month for me but my girls and I have really enjoyed trying out some new things. The girls went digging for dinosaurs. (They got the set for Christmas), the ChewyMoon boxOlverum Bath Oil (which will be going on every birthday & Christmas list I make), Metcalfe’s popcorn goodies, a ton of face masks from 7th Heaven, Choc Lick 'n' Dip and a gorgeous notebook.

The snow!
We finally got some....We had some in the middle of January but it didn't last long and the girls were at school which was no fun then a couple of weekends ago it started snowing on Sunday afternoon and it settled....It started to come in dark & I told the girls to just go out and play. They did & had a great time.

Classic Corrie.
Autism Mumma mentioned that ITV3 has been showing old episodes of Coronation Street and each day I have been recording them and catching up when I have about 10 episodes recorded. They are from the late 80's. The good old days. Hilda Ogden, Alf with his corner shop, Sarah Louise had just been born, Gail working in the cafe & Bet in the pub! I started taking notice of Corrie in the 90's so these episodes are new to me! I love it!

I think we are finally back into a routine after Christmas. It has taken until last week to feel totally back in the swing of things....We are getting used to Ellie being at choir on a Tuesday then SATs club on a Wednesday and Thursday.....Both the girls are getting in from school at the same time now. It feels like a prelude to next year when Ellie starts at the secondary school....

What have you loved in January?


  1. It's lovely to see that you found great positives in January too. #mmbc

  2. Hi Kim, it is lovely not to have routine thrust upon us so soon after Christmas, we got to enjoy our holidaysnuntil January 8th and it was a much needed break. Congrats on having a busy blogging month, lying in a bath,covered in facemask and enjoying popcorn sounds like the perfect end to any day!


  3. Nice to read a positive blog post regarding January, and sounds as if there has been some lovely moments this month. I personally love January as it's mine and my daughters birthday so it's always a little crazy x

  4. I love the Olverum bath oil, I use it all the time. #MMBC

  5. We didn't really get any snow down here in Norfolk! Erin would have loved it if we did