Saturday 17 February 2018

Week 7 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

We have had a good week....The kids have been off school for half term and my fella off work....We've spent plenty of time relaxing, doing crafts, baking and I've had some exciting deliveries of things that I am reviewing here on the blog....

Here is a photo for every day....

41/365 - 10th February
The girls were busy colouring their canvasses....

42/365 - 11th February
A Sunday evening of not having to rush about getting ready for school. We love the school holidays....

43/365 - 12th February
She changed her bedroom around....All she needed help with was moving her TV. She was so chuffed with the end result....

44/365 - 13th February
We did some crafts. Some Chinese new year one's...

45/365 - 14th February
My fella knows me so well. He got me pj's for Valentines day....

46/365 - 15th February
I got sent a huge selection of teas to try....I was amazed! I was not expecting all of this.

47/365 - 16th February
Yesterday I did some baking....Ellie of course had to help out.


  1. So glad to hear you've had a good week. I didn't enjoy our half-term at all, which is a real shame. The reorganised bedroom looks great and I love your Valentine's pyjamas.

  2. I had some of that lovely tea to review too a while back. The bedroom looks great and much tidier than my son's.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely week! The Chinese dragon looks great, and so does the colourful cheerful bedroom. Are these Adagio teas? Those I have tried are excellent quality. What did you bake yesterday?

  4. Impressive room change round. I keep getting offered tea. I don't drink it!

  5. The new bedroom looks great and so independently done. I LOVE those pj's! Where are they from? You gave has such a craft filled week I kept thinking on fb my God so much craft this week!! #365

  6. Looks like you had a great week, we've made some Chinese crafts like that one before - good fun #365

  7. jealous of the delivery of teas I enjoy trying different none tea type teas.
    whats were you baking?
    her bedroom looks small but great, is it always nice and tidy.

  8. That is a lot of teas!!! Bedroom looks nice and colourful! Love the colouring in too..the canvas's look great

  9. The bedroom looks fab. She's done a great job. I love the idea of flavoured tea but when it comes to it I just can't stomach the taste other than Rose tea #365

  10. Fab PJs! Wow, that's a lot of tea: have you found a favourite yet? #project365