Tuesday 13 February 2018

The Children's Heart Unit Fund. CHUF #CHDawareness

It is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week! Both of my girls have heart defects and so do I. I told our story a good few years ago....Part one and Part two. I will be blogging about CHD related things over the next few days....

When my girls were diagnosed with their hear defects we were given a load of leaflets and information one of those which stick in my mind was about the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF).
A parent, Anne Scott, set up the Lesley Anne Scott Memorial Fund charity after the death of her daughter Lesley Ann, who was born with a serious heart problem. Anne Scott retired as a Trustee in 1983 and it was her wish that the charity should be renamed the Childrens’ Heart Unit Fund.

CHUF’s mission is to make life better for children and young people who are born with or develop heart conditions by providing lifelong support to them and their families.

To date CHUF have donated over ten million pounds to support the Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital which is absolutely amazing! They raise funds to buy and pay for large and small pieces of equipment, facilities, aftercare, salaries and research.

The Freeman hospital is where my girls received such fantastic care and had their heart surgeries....I gave a little back by winning a cinema room for the heart unit which seems like nothing! 

CHUF have funded the Clown Doctor programme at the Children’s Heart Unit....I mentioned them in my blog post the other day about how they were trying to cheer Becky & I up not knowing Ellie was in surgery. They are a wonderful asset to the ward despite my first impressions of them. They did just catch me at the wrong time.....

One way CHUF improves the time spent in hospital for siblings is through the provision of sibling packs. Containing colouring books, pens and activity books.

We spent a bit of time on the Ward 23 Playroom and it was amazing.....The dedicated Play Team provide a specific plan of play and development for each child to help them reach their full potential. Children also benefit from an exciting sensory and audiovisual room as well as a large play area for outdoor activities.

The play room is regarded as one of the best facilities in the country and CHUF are continuously fundraising to ensure the latest toys and facilities are available for the Heart Heroes.

In October 2014 CHUF unveiled brand new parent’s accommodation in the grounds of Freeman Hospital after raising £1.65 million towards the project.

Scott House provides both emotional and practical support for families and contains 18 en-suite bedrooms and a transplant flat to help patients prepare to go home as well as communal living areas including kitchen and dining rooms, lounges, playrooms and laundry facilities. Each private family bedroom has a direct telephone line to the ward so that parents can be contacted day or night should their child’s situation change. 

Each family who is admitted to the Children’s Heart Unit in an emergency situation is given a CHUF washbag. This provides basic overnight essentials to help families shower and brush their teeth. It costs just £20 to provide a CHUF washbag.

There is a lot of ways to help CHUF. You can become involved and there is many ways to donate

Without CHUF I doubt I would have got through the week as well as I did.....There was the support worker who was there to tell me to take a break, get some fresh air and something to eat....There was the play assistant who kept Ellie amused while I we were seeing Becky on PICU.....There was the flats where we stayed, the clown doctors and when the girls were both on the ward there was the chair beds that I spent most of my time sitting then sleeping on.....All bought and paid for by CHUF. 

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