Saturday 3 February 2018

Week 5 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

I have had a rotten week....Myself and my family have all been unwell with a stonking cold. I keep saying a cold but I think it was actually the flu. Ugh! I'm still not over it but I'm getting there....

Despite being poorly I still managed a photo every day. Phew!

27/365 - 27th January
Monkey cuddles...

28/365 - 28th January
Not content with one giant computer screen he decided he needed another I have no idea why.

29/365 - 29th January
Becky was poorly. She had the flu too and had a day off school. She was exhausted and slept most of the day.

30/365 - 30th January
We have gone through so many tissues this week. Only Kleenex will do...

31/365 - 31st January
Cough medicine. Ugh.

32/365 - 1st February
Scrambled egg and ham for tea....The meal plan well and truly went out of the window this week...

33/365 - 2nd February
New flowers....


  1. Hope everyone's better now. I know where you're coming from on the meal planning. I'd hoped to start healthy eating, but laryngitis didn't help that

  2. Hope you're all on the mend now. When you're poorly, meal plans do not simply happen. Two weeks ago, when I was poorly, I had no strength to cook either. The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Those flowers are amazing! #365

  4. Oh dear! What a horrible week for you all. I hope you're all feeling a lot better now.

  5. Hope you are all better soon. Meal plans are great, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

  6. Awwww no, I hope you are all feeling better now! I'm hoping we can survive now without being ill again this Winter - fed up with this horrible weather and all the bugs that are going around :( The scrambled egg does look good! Sim xx #PoCoLo

  7. hope everyone is feeling a bit better now. what on earth was hubby doing doing that required two screens, launching a rocket?

  8. oh no flu is dreadful and does take a while to get over. Hope you are all starting to feel better.
    menu planning would go out the window, tinned soup is my go to when things like this happen.
    Kleenex and Andrex are a must use in my house, will buy supermarket brand food but not them.

  9. Bless you, hope you are all feeling a lot better soon and that the flowers brightened up your mood #365

  10. Oh no, I hope you are all on the mend now. Sod the meal plan and get some chocolate!! #365

  11. Hope everyone is better now. It's hard when they are poorly. Those flowers are lovely xc #365

  12. Feeling your pain here - both me and the baby are ill with colds and I expect the other two will follow suit soon! Your flowers are lovely! #365

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon! So much of it going round! And it seems to linger and last ages!

  14. I never understood why people had more than 1 screen but now I couldn't survive without my 2! Hope everyone is better now #project365

  15. January was such an awful month for illnesses hope everybody recovered.