Saturday 24 February 2018

Week 8 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

This week the kids returned to school after half term and my fella back to work after his holidays....None of them were happy to get back to work. I seem to have had a busy week. I got plenty of reviews up. The Fearne by Swan Stand Mixer, Mothers Day craft ideas from Hobbycraft, Vitamin D supplements, Great gifts from Gift Pup and The Children's Meditations in My Heart book....Way more than my usual one a week. 

Now for a photo every day....

48/365 - 17th February
Patiently waiting for her McDonalds....We had a lovely day out at Newcastle shopping....

49/365 - 18th February
Becky's new posters were put up. I love the Stranger Things one.

50/365 - 19th February
On Sunday evening my teen Becky told me her school shoes had holes in....They were on the top and noticeable. She had all half term to tell me but didn't. She had to go to school with holy shoes until we went out and bought her some new one's....She wanted expensive one's but she will have to make do with £9.99 one's from ShoeZone. 

51/365 - 20th February
Our internet problems were fixed on Tuesday. We were sick of it disconnecting so rang Sky. They sent an engineer out and he put a new box on the wall and our problems were solved just like that....

52/365 - 21st February
We changed the house around. The downstairs. We moved the living room to the front of the house and the dining room to the back....It was such a big job but we had a good clear out while we were on. 4 bags of rubbish and 4 for the charity shop.

53/365 - 22nd February
I took the photos for a book we reviewed.

54/365 - 23rd February
Ellie has her mock SATs next week and the teacher told the class they were not getting homework but then gave them homework. The nicest kind of homework. She just has to relax.


  1. We went out and got new school shoes this week too!

    That is fab they aren't pressurising the kids and told them to relax

  2. I LOVE that homework letter! I hear some horror stories about homework sometimes so it's nice to see one that makes me smile. #MMBC

  3. What a lovely homework. Although mock SATs does seem a bit extreme! Your reorganised lounge looks very nice. That is a lot of reviews in a week! I don't think I even do one a month!

  4. Those posters are awesome! #365

  5. Cool posters, especially the Grumpy cat. :) What a nice suggestion to relax before the SATS. Your week sounds very busy, with lots of great things lined up for reviewing. We were also grumpy on Monday to go back to school.

  6. The new room layout looks lovely. What a sweet and thoughtful thing for the teacher to do. I bet it helps kids lots. #365

  7. My internet problems were solved a few months back when an engineer renewed the line from the pole and put one of those new boxes in too. Quite a few schools seem to be doing mock sats, but there has been no mention at my son's school although they are doing lots of practice papers.

  8. nice homework task, my kind of list to follow. my son did this to me the day before his prom with shoes and I bought a pair for 20 quid from shoe zone and he never knew #365

  9. Good homework and very good advise at stressful school times.
    Why do they always wait until too late to do anything about needing new items?
    Not had \ McD in a while, not a great lover but handy when we have the dog with us

  10. I love the SATs homework - just what the kids need #MMBC

  11. That's the perfect homework for her, hope this week goes well. Glad Sky sorted out your issue too #365

  12. SATs are such a stressful time for the kids. I love her posters they looks great.

  13. Great photos. That note from the school is really nice; a gesture like that can mean a lot.

  14. Brilliant homework! It is so reassuring when schools recognise that the individual children are worth more than a test result. #project365