Thursday 8 November 2018

A Harry Potter wish list!

I have loved Harry Potter the films and the books for years and lately I have been seeing more and more affordable Harry Potter related things in shops and even supermarkets which I really want. I will be showing my fella this list with my birthday coming up. hehehe

Harry Potter Alarm Clock - £6.00 - Wilkos
Harry Potter Mad-Eye Moody Pop! Vinyl Figure - £9.99 - Pop in a Box
Harry Potter Reversible Xmas Duvet Set (Double) - £22.00 - Asda
Harry Potter House Hand Cream - £10.00 - Boots
Harry Potter Platform 9 & 3/4 Water Bottle - £7.20 - Claire's
Harry Potter Patronus Luminart - £24.99 - Argos

Marauder's Map Jigsaw - £20.00 - Hawkin's Bazaar
Harry Potter Hogwarts Deluxe Stationery Kit - £25.00 - Moonpig
 Deathly Hallows Shimmer make up bag - £8.00 - IWOOT
Harry Potter Hogwarts At Christmas Top - £8.00 - Asda
Harry Potter Wand and Notebook Set - £15.00 - Moonpig
Harry Potter Silver Colour Charm Bracelet - £24.99 - Argos

Is there anything you fancy?


  1. I love Harry Potter. I am going to get the Lego Brickheadz. Have Harry and Hedwig already x

  2. You know that it's the stationery set that has caught my eye!! Fab list x

  3. There is a shop in Newcastle that has not been open long (in Eldon Square, near the food part) and it is full of Harry Potter stuff. We went in recently and they had all the sweets - like chocolate frogs and every flavour beans, they had dolls, home decor and stuffed toys etc. It was really well priced too xx

  4. ooh these look so good. I need some of these in my life x

  5. They've been doing Harry Potter bags, in the pound shop! I bought one for my niece, recently x

  6. Some great ideas here Kim. My Daughter loves Harry Potter :) #PoCoLo

  7. Hope he takes the hint!! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo