Wednesday 14 November 2018

A very generous Tooth Fairy....

A few weeks ago the kids had a check up at the dentist's. The last time we had seen our dentist he said he wanted Ellie back in 3 months. She had some loose baby teeth and he wanted to check they had came out OK. 

The three months was up a couple of weeks ago and the teeth still hadn't came out. We knew they were loose and so did Ellie. She was reluctant to brush her teeth properly or eat anything really chewy. She has had plenty of baby teeth come out in the past and she didn't know why these two were scaring her so much. They were the pointy one's, on the top.

For the first time ever she was upset to go to the dentist. She cried walking there, sitting in the waiting room and in the chair but our dentist is amazing and he calmed her down within minutes. He had a look at her teeth and we could see they were ready to come out. Ellie was having none of it though, her mouth was firmly shut tight. The dentist suggested numbing cream and Ellie agreed. Phew! After a few minutes both of the teeth came out and Ellie didn't even flinch.

It was another thing which Ellie built up in her head to be worse than it was. I am guilty of doing the same thing, making mountain out of a molehills. As soon as she got out of the dentists chair it was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she was smiling properly.

Of course loosing teeth means the tooth fairy has to come and visit. As soon as she left the dentist she started negotiating and said she was going to write the tooth fairy to plead her case. She needed more money because in her words she had been through "an ordeal".

She did indeed write the letter and said instead of the normal £1 per tooth she needed £1.50. Our tooth fairy might be a little soft and she got the £3 for the two teeth. hehehe

I was sent an email showing the results of a study which looked at 2,000 families across the UK, showed the following 'going rates' for the Tooth Fairy:

Bradford - 50 pence
Edinburgh - 75 pence
Nottingham - £1.00
Manchester - £1.20
Bristol - £1.25
London - £1.50
Leeds - £1.50
Harrogate - £2.50

I remember when I was a child I would always get a really shiny 50 pence piece. 

We are coming to the end of our dealings with the tooth fairy as Ellie only has a couple of baby teeth left. She is gutted. She really does love the excitement of it all.

How much does the tooth fairy leave for teeth in your house?


  1. The kids in Harrogate have a good deal! Our tooth fairy gave the kids 10 Israeli shekels (about £2) but when I convert it to sterling, it's a lot really! I like your daughter's style ;-)

  2. I love that she negotiated a higher pay out!
    Our tooth fairy has retired now as Ella doesn't believe anymore :(

  3. Oh bless her, it was an ordeal, even if it was mostly in her head! My kids generally had a pound for their teeth, but the tooth fairy was very slack in our house and often forgot. I think she needs the sack! Good job the kids are placated with a little treat instead :)

  4. Our tooth fairy leaves £1, and there’s always a frantic search for an actual pound coin rather than change haha! I have heard of children getting quite a lot more, which I think is just OTT!!

  5. I think we used to get 20p as a kid. We give a £2 coin which I hadn’t realised was quite steep but once you’ve started something......