Wednesday 7 November 2018

A meeting at school about my youngest...

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to go and have a chat with the SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator) at the school about Ellie. 

my youngest daughter in her school uniform ready for school

Ellie is on the special education register at the school because of her hearing loss. Ellie is completely deaf in one ear and needs to be sat at the front of the classroom so she can hear what's going on.

In primary school we had a good few years where her deafness was pretty much ignored until we would complain. When she moved up a year the new teacher wasn't informed. It was only when she was moved into year 5 that the school seemed to do everything properly.

When we visited the secondary school we introduced ourselves to the SENDCO woman and she was lovely. She said what she would do to help Ellie and would keep us informed. To be honest I didn't hold out much hope but she has been true to her word and a couple of weeks ago we received a letter inviting us to a meeting to see how Ellie had settled into secondary school.

I was nervous even though it seems that Ellie has settled in really well, up until this meeting we had no feedback off the school to how she was doing.

We had a good chat with the SENDCO woman and she reassured us that Ellie has indeed settled in well.

She comes in every morning and meets up with her friends in the library, she is always with people chatting, giggling and is always happy. In her lessons she is always getting on with her work, speaking up in class which I never would have imagined from her in primary school. She has also been going to lunch club which is a safe space for the year 7's away from the older kids and she is really chatty in there too. 

The SENDCO woman walks around the school checking on the kids who need a little extra help and there has been just one time where Ellie was sat at the back of the classroom away from the teacher. The woman had a quiet word and Ellie was moved to the front. We asked Ellie about this and she said she was moved but didn't know why. I am glad the teachers are doing everything discreetly. In primary school I think sometimes a big deal was made about her additional needs and that drew attention to her which she didn't want.

It was said that when Ellie has her end of year exams she is going to do way better than expected because she was working at such a low level in primary school. 

We were told that we will have another meeting before Christmas, one in February and one before the end of the school year. I am so happy that we are being kept in the loop.

It is really reassuring to know that the school are on top of the special educational needs of children and are there to support them.

I keep saying it but Ellie is a different child since starting secondary school and we spoke about how it was suspected that while at primary school that she may have some sort of Autism but now I am thinking she just had anxiety about being at the primary school.

I am so pleased with how my girl is doing at school, long may it continue.


  1. Oh Kim, this is so lovely to read and how wonderful for Ellie. It does show how an understanding school can make so much difference. It sounds like Ellie has found the place to blossom and I'm also glad that they are keeping you in the loop. Fab news xx

  2. So happy your daughter is doing well. School is hard to adjust sometimes even without any problems that a child is lacking. My youngest was a slow learner & had to go to special ed, but her siblings would help her with her homework & at school too, so they got along famously. Being a single mom our family was a well, oiled working machine! ~hehehe~ Thanks for sharing & have a great day!

  3. Loved reading this Kim. I am so so happy to hear that Ellie has settled in well. It makes all the difference when you get the right support. Stay awesome Ellie! xxx