Saturday 3 November 2018

A photo every day for a year! Week 44 of #Project365

We have had a lovely half term. We haven't really done much apart from potter around the house, relaxing and watching films. It was just what we needed.

Now for a photo every day.

300/365 - 27th October
We had fun making SnoBalls with a fab set from Zimpli Kids.

301/365 - 28th October
Pumpkin carving.

302/365 - 29th October
Playing with Lego.

303/365 - 30th October
Home made pizza.

304/365 - 31st October
My two little witches.

305/365 - 1st November
There is Christmas music on the music channels on the TV. I love it!

306/365 - 2nd November
The Christmas sandwiches are in Tesco. I will have at least one a week from now until Christmas. hehehe


  1. I always hold off on anything Christmassy until after Halloween. That means now ! Yeah !! lol :)

  2. It looks like you've all had a lovely relaxing week. I do love Christmas songs, but not until December for me!

  3. I love Christmas music. And I'm looking forward to the films starting. I'm not pleased with Christmas sandwiches though. Costa have stopped doing their mozzarella panini because of the christmas range coming in. I'm not veggie but that's the only one I really like and now they don't offer a veggie option in paninis. I'm not happy about it going. I'm having to eat brie bacon and cranberry instead.

  4. I had turkey and stuffing crisps! I was so happy! x

  5. The Zimpli Kids products are amazing, I can't wait to make SnoBalls with my girls! #365

  6. Your two little witches are so cute. Wow Christmas music already? We went to Home bargains last week and they’ve got ALL the Xmas stuff in. So cool 😄

  7. disappointed that wasn't real snow, but it looks good. I'm not a fan of turkey or stuffing in sandwiches, christmas in our house starts December 1st

  8. Oh the Snoball battle pack looks fun! I love Christmas music too. I always look forward to the Christmas movies and having an excuse to watch Home Alone for the billionth time. :) x

  9. nothing wrong with a nice relaxing week.
    I spotted a Christmas film channel the other day as well when scrolling through what to watch.
    Great looking witches.

  10. When I first looked at the photo of a snowball, I thought they had a lot of snow already. Fun kit to make your own. #MMBC

  11. I've got one of those Snowball things - I've been meaning to try it out for ages. We did have a few flakes of the real stuff the other day here in Brum.

  12. Love your two little witches. I'm looking forward to trying some of Co-ops Christmas sarnie's on Thursday! #365

  13. Oh those Snoball battle packs looks fun. I love Christmas, especially the music and movies. They are awesome xx

  14. We missed out on pumpkins because I left it too late and all of the local supermarkets had sold out :( #project365