Friday 2 November 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Relaxed. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week has been half term and it has been so relaxed. I wrote about all the plans we had and we didn't get half of those things done and for once I haven't let it bother me. The kids have happily played far too much Minecraft. They only got banned for a couple of hours once for arguing. 

Instead of going out in the cold we stayed in. It has been really cold here. The one time I convinced the kids to go out to meet my fella from work we got caught in the rain and it was icy. It was no surprise that we had hailstones that evening.

We have watched quite a few films this week. The girls have never been bothered with the Jurassic Park films and have never sat through a full film but they chose Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to watch mid week. It wasn't on my list of films to watch but we all really enjoyed it. It was full of action and quite sad in some places. I loved the ending. There is so going to be another film in the series.

We had a great Halloween. I bought so many pumpkins and just let the girls get on with carving them. They are experts at them now and they did a great job.

They went out trick or treating on Wednesday evening. They went as witches and went way over the top with the face paint. It was only from the pound shop so I expected them to be green for days but it amazingly washed off in one go. It may have been their best ever year for treats, they got quite the haul! 

my girls dressed as witches for halloween

Now Halloween is over it seems like Christmas has hit big style which makes me so happy. I bought a ton of bath and beauty things from Tesco yesterday for Christmas presents. It is all half price and I have the Christmas turkey and trimmings sandwich being delivered for my lunch. hehehe I also took a peek at my Christmas Clubcard points which I have been saving all year. I have £84 worth of vouchers to use which I am saving for the big Christmas food shop! 

It has been a lovely week. The break from school was just what we needed.

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  1. It sounds like the best kind of week, we've not done much either so it's been quite relaxed. The girl's make great witches it's no wonder they got such a haul. I still remember the photo of Ellie last year counting all the sweets. And the pumpkins are great. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for linking up to #WotW xx

  2. Our half term was relaxed too. Looks like you had a lovely week though, what a great lot of sweets you got!

  3. Your two witches look perfect. No wonder they did well. They look quite scary in your sped up movie. Wielding knives! We've had a relaxing week too. Really needed it. #wotw

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely chilled out half-term. Love the girls’ witches costumes. They did well with their trick or treating. #WotW

  5. Its great to have a chill week isn't it? I love the Jurassic park films, although I love Harry Potter more. I love Halloween but get so giddy when the Christmas ads start, I love this time of year x

  6. The weather for Halloween was HORRIFIC here (get it?). Fortunately that meant we could eat all the sweets, while watching hocus pocus lol xx

  7. Sometimes relaxing at home is the best and having no agenda. Your girls look brilliant in their Halloween outfits. Wow, toys done well to save the points, I hope you find some cracking deals X #wotw