Monday 19 November 2018

Our weekly meal plan. 19th Nov - 25th Nov! #MealPlanningMonday

We ate everything on last weeks meal plan. The Slow Cooker Pizza Casserole was good. The kids loved it and have asked for it again. I wasn't so keen on it but I will happily make it again for them.

I am looking forward to this week. It's my birthday. Wetherspoons are doing their Christmas meals and I really want one but I also want to go to the cinema. We won't have time for both before the kids get home from school (they finish early on a Wednesday) so who knows what we'll do. 

This week on the menu we have:

Tuesday - Chicken fajita wraps with potato wedges.
Wednesday - Either snacky bits after a Christmas lunch or an Indian takeaway. 
Thursday - Ham, egg and chips.
Friday - Pizza.
SaturdayCowboy casserole.
Sunday - A roast dinner.


  1. Happy birthday to you 🎵🎶 (good thing about typing is you can't tell how out of tune I am). Enjoy your day.

  2. Your Thursday plan reminded me of my late mum who used to have this so often when she dined out and particularly loved it at a farmhouse café in Yorkshire. Thanks too because I have never heard of chilli con carne with turkey and will try that for sure as leaner than red meat and I am trying to shed pounds before a milestone birthday only 4 weeks or so away now. #MMBC

  3. pizza and ham egg and chips were are getting close with our mealplans. Have a super eveing what ever you do xx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Our local Wetherspoons is closed until Dec 6th, hoping it will be much improved when it re-opens x

  5. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and a great week! Thanks for linking up x

  6. Happy Birthday for tomorrow :o)

    Cowboy casserole sounds really yummy - thank you for sharing the recipe!