Wednesday 10 March 2021

My plans for our garden this year.

Last year I had a great time in the garden. Painting, digging and planting things. I had great success growing wildflowers, peas and tomatoes. The strawberries, peppers and whatever else I planted didn't work out but I was so proud of what I achieved.

I am a total beginner when it comes to gardening and I learned a lot from last year. I have an idea of the mistakes I made and know what works well so this year should be interesting and I am feeling hopeful. 

Peas and tomatoes which I grew

This year I have some plans on what I am going to do with our garden and I am very excited about them. I got started a few weeks ago by ordering some supplies from Wilkos. I was amazed they had plenty of seeds in. It makes a change from last year. I bought some new gloves, compost, liquid fertilizer and a few trough planters. I have since noticed that Asda has a massive selection of seeds available to buy with you online grocery delivery. 

A couple of weeks ago I started the weeding and digging up the soil in the bigger flowerbed. It desperately needed doing. I got most of it cleared and dug up. I had planned to do more last week but the weather was awful. It was damp and grey and all motivation to garden was gone. Hopefully this week is better.

Before and after weeding the garden

 Last year this flowerbed was full of decorative stones which we cleared and moved onto the flowerbed at the other side of the garden. I have now had a rethink and I have decided I want them moved so I can dig up that flowerbed too and plant more. I have also had an idea of digging a the end of the garden to plant more things too. It's all about the digging at the moment. lol

This year I am planning to try and grow a few different things. I'm still going to try to grow strawberries, I am determined to at least grow them once from a seed. I got a strawberry starter tub as well as the mint herb pot from Wilkos. I have already planted the mint so we'll see how that goes. I also got a bucket set to grow tomatoes in which at the moment is sitting on the kitchen window.

tomato and mint seed pots
Tomato bucket planter

The other seeds I bought were cucumbers, rhubarb, carrots and Jack O Lantern Pumpkin one's. I am so excited to grow pumpkins and will be planting them inside over the next week or so. I can't believe that they should be ready for Halloween! I do hope they work. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

This year we have decided we're going to buy some new garden furniture instead of the white, plastic table and chairs that we have. I am also thinking about getting a new BBQ instead of using disposable one's and the little one we have.

Have you got any plans for your garden this year?


  1. Best of luck to you!! I have tried container gardening a few times and am just awful at it. We keep talking about putting in a "real" garden in the yard but would definitely need a fence as the deer even eat my flowering shrubs.

  2. You've made a great start, good luck! I have bought my seeds but I've not planted them yet, I always seem to do well with tomatoes and strawberries but the rest can be a bit hit and miss, all my cucumbers died last year which disappointed me. New garden furniture sounds lovely, ours is a few years old now but I still love it, I'm hoping to get it cleaned and out the garage in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Ooh good luck, I am such a crap gardener - our garden is the most basic thing you've ever seen! I'd love to get more into growing veg with the kiddies though :) #MMBC

  4. Kim can you message me your address? I have a gardeners world calendar for 2021 I'm not using with planting schedules etc for the year, let me post it to you. I can't wait for our garden furniture to arrive back in the UK, I can't do any planting until the end of June but there will still be loads of things to do

  5. You are organised. I can't wait to see how you get on. The garden furniture sounds exciting. We will hopefully get our decking done this year. x

  6. I love gardening, I take after my mum lol. Since moving house we will have a bigger garden to maintain but I can't wait to get out there and get started on planting.