Tuesday 2 March 2021

What I loved in February 2021!

February went in a flash. I know it's a short month but it really flew over I think it's because there was a lot going on with home learning, Valentine's day, pancake day, snow, warm weather and other little things. It gave us a bit of excitement and felt like we were doing something different.


This is what I loved in February.

My girls working hard.
My girls have both been working hard with their school and college work and it has been great to get feedback from some of their teachers, Ellie's especially. There is still some subjects which she struggles with. Maths and French but is working hard and putting some extra effort in. We are counting down the days to the return to school and college. The girls and I both agree I am not cut out for this teaching lark. hehehe

The weather!
We've had a bit of everything. Snow earlier in the month which seemed a surprise and then the spring like weather over the last week or so. The snow was fun, the kids had a great time but I do prefer the warmer weather. It means I can get clothes out drying on the line which always makes me so happy.

TV Shows.
Hooray for Disney Plus putting more on their network which is aimed at adults. I spotted Desperate Housewives and had to start rewatching it. I haven't seen it since it was first on TV and have actually forgotten a lot of what happened. It is ridiculous and cheesy but just what I need at the moment.


I was late with watching RuPaul's Drag Race UK and catching up but I do love it. It's such a fun show. I was also late in getting into Wandavision. I wasn't keen on it to start with but now I love it. I am sure it's the last episode this week. Eek! 

Lots of yummy food. 
Pancakes, roast dinners, takeaways, Valentine day meal deals and an afternoon tea. We certainly atw well throughout February but now that the weather is warmer I am thinking more about salads and healthier food. After everything we made the highlight when it came to food was something as simple as honey roasted carrots. Now my girls keep asking for them.

Plans to return to normal.
I wasn't convinced about the "roadmap" from the government, it seemed rushed but I am coming around to the idea and starting to get a little excited about seeing family and friends. I hope everyone is sensible over the next few months so we can return to a little normality.

The Vaccine.
I am so pleased, a few weeks ago my dad had his Covid vaccine. It is a bit of a relief and means I can stop worrying him a little more and it seems a lot of people I know in real life and online are having theirs too. It feels like we're making progress.

What did you love in February?


  1. Lots of things to love in February. I'm glad your girls have been doing well with the home-schooling and all your posts on food have made me feel hungry! So glad that your dad has had the vaccine too. I feel the same about the roadmap - fingers crossed that it can happen as planned though. #MMBC

  2. I hope your girls get to go back to school soon. My grandson just had his first day of (in-person) school this year - since September. Glad to read your dad got his vaccine. We are still waiting for ours. Soon, I hope! Maybe by April or May.

  3. I had started re-watching Desperate Housewives too and was surprised at how much I had forgotten.

  4. Both my parents have had the first dose of the vaccine! I'm so glad!

    Corinne x

  5. The whether has been crazy mixed bag haha. I had my vaccine last week, let's hope the numbers for vaccines keep going up :D

  6. Drag Race UK is brilliant - I think my favourite is Bimini. I usually really enjoy the US Drag Race, but watching season 13 alongside the UK one, I'm finding that the UK one is far superior. I don't know if it's just that I relate to it more being British myself, or if it's genuinely just better?

    I agree on the weather too. We really had the best of both worlds! We had so much fun in the snow and the spring-like weather was lovely. It's been foggy and drizzly here for the last 3 days. I'm looking forward to when the spring weather returns!