Friday 26 March 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Anxious! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Using anxious as my Word of the Week might make you think I have had a bad week but I haven't. The reasons for my worry have been positive things in a round about way and it turns out all the energy I took worrying about things was wasted, well so far anyway.

Stu got a phone call last Friday morning from out local GP's asking him if he wanted his Covid vaccine. He of course said yes and went and got it on Saturday afternoon. I was half excited and worried for him but it took half an hour from leaving here to getting back which isn't bad considering the doctors is a 12 minute walk. lol

He asked the nurse why he has been called for and I haven't and she said they're just working their way down the list but she did ask if I wanted to be added to an extra list so if someone cancels or there's extra vaccines left at the end of the day, I can go at short notice. That has had me worrying all week thinking that someone might ring and ask me to go when it is inconvenient. I imagined them ringing telling me to go on a day I had something else on, then I would have to say no and be pushed to the bottom of the list.

Anyway Stu had his vaccine at half two and by 8pm I was on the phone to my dad asking when him and his partner started feeling the side effects. Stu was feeling nothing, his arm wasn't even sore. We expected him to feel something on Sunday and he got off so lightly. Apart from feeling a little hot and then cold that was it. Oh and Wednesday his arm was a little sore. I was worried about the side effects he might have and then felt worried because he had barely any.

Becky went back to college on Wednesday for the first time in about 5 months and I thought I was going to love my day home alone but it left me feeling anxious. It feels so silly saying it but after having a year of nearly always having someone here with me being alone is strange. I had nothing to worry about but still felt uneasy all day. I am sure I will get used to it again.

Yesterday Becky and I had a trip to town to get her vaccine. The last time I went on the bus or into town was in November so that had me feeling anxious too. I was also worried about side effects Becky might feel but so far so good. I am writing this at about 6pm last night and her arm is a little sore but she feels fine in herself. Her legs are aching but I think that's down to walking more than she probably has in the last few months. lol

When Becky came out from having her vaccine we popped into Sainsburys and bought the Easter eggs. It felt so odd being in a supermarket. I can't remember the last time I was, it certainly wasn't this year. Hooray for online shopping. We also called into Poundland and got some pasties from Greggs. I thought we might as well make the most of being in town forgetting we are back on Monday. lol 

On Monday Becky and I are off to the hospital which has me stressing. She has the yearly check on her heart which I always stress about anyway but now she's 18 it means I can't go in with her because of Covid. It will be the first heart appointment she's ever been to alone, I have always done the talking. I have said that if she gets stuck on a question to ring me and ask me. I think she'll be OK as long as she pays attention and nothing has changed with her heart. I am actually more worried about her finding the right department in the hospital. That place is like a maze. I just hope that if she gets lost she asks for directions.

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  1. It's actually kind of a relief to know I'm the only that one seems to feel anxious all the time about things that are far outside my control. Most of the time my anxieties amount to nothing too and I am so glad that yours have all been for naught so far!

  2. I had no side effects either, which worried me slightly after my husband being hit by them. I'm sure it's fine. I hope when you are called it is a convenient time. It is strange when we have glimpses of our old lives. Like you said about being on your own for the first time, I felt it when I went for my jab by myself. Although Eldest did hop in the car for a change of scene, but I went in alone. #wotw

  3. I'm glad that Stu got off lightly with the side effects on the vaccine - my husband was fine too - and hopefully Becky will be the same. Hopefully you'll be called for yours at a convenient time. Hope all goes well with Becky's heart check on Monday - I can imagine the anxiety at not being able to be there with her, but hopefully everything will be fine. Getting pasties from Greggs sounds lovely. I can't remember the last time I was in town and had a Greggs pasty! #WotW

  4. I understand all your anxiety, but you can do this. Just remember, it will all be better soon and you'll be bored wondering what you can worry about ;)
    I'm sure Becky will find her way in the hospital and fingers crossed all will be well with her heart. So glad the vaccinations went well. We didn't really get any side effects either. I should be due my second in the next few weeks then I will be invincible!! (well, not really, but it feels so much better knowing that it won't kill me at least.) I can't remember the last time I went into a supermarket! x

  5. I was worried about Hubby having side effects from his jab but apart from feeling "a little bit too warm" on the night, that was it. I'm sure Becky will be fine, but agree hospitals are a maze! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  6. I felt weird the first time I was at home on my own. Loving it now though as I can watch Lost ;0) I'm getting anxious about going out and about again. You get used to not seeing people. I'm glad you took full advantage of your visit into town #WotW