Tuesday 9 March 2021

(Ad - Gifted) My First Kids Real Bread Baking Box from Britain Loves Baking!

Britain Loves Baking is the new home of family baking. Whether you’ve recently discovered the joys of baking or are an accomplished baker looking for new ideas for baking, they provide all the ambient and dry ingredients that you need to create the perfect sweet treats or yummy bread in one baking box and delivery them direct to your door.

Britain Loves Baking Bread Box

It was real bread week a couple of weeks ago and we're late to the party. Home made bread is the best and I will be the first to admit we don't make it often enough. I don't know why, we should! Recently we were sent one of the My First Kids Real Bread Baking Box to try out.

Each box contains all the ingredients to make one loaf of bread and twelve fruit rolls:

Two 250g bags of bread flour
Two 20g bag of active baker's yeast
50ml bottle of rapeseed oil 
50g bag of mixed dry fruit (sultana & cranberry) 
An instruction leaflet

Ingredients for bread.
Instructions for making bread

We started to follow the instructions from the instruction sheet and got a little confused with how much salt to add. We added a teaspoon and then decided to watch the instructions on a YouTube video which were a lot easier to follow but the video said to add sugar instead of the salt. Oops. Oh well at least that explains why the dough didn't rise that much. Next time we will know.

Home made bread is amazing but there is a lot of waiting around to do while the dough is proving. I remember this from when I tried out the The Mindful Baking Box also from Britain Loves Baking.

Baked bread

Even though the bread didn't rise as much as I would have liked the results looked fantastic and tasted amazing and it gave us something to do on a Saturday afternoon instead of just spending time on electronics.

As part of Britain Loves Baking mission and purpose they're keen to see more children learning to make Real Bread, whether at home, nursery or in the classroom. It can also be a way of steering them towards healthier food. You'd be amazed at the number of children who 'don't like wholemeal' but love it when it was lovingly made by their own hands.

 The My First Kids Real Bread Baking Box costs just £5 and £1 goes to the campaign for real bread so they can continue the amazing work in educating the nations kids on where their food comes from and the importance of buying local.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, on the 17th of this month and Britain Loves Baking has a fantastic looking fudge making box. Irish whiskey and chocolate flavour which is definitely not for the kids but I am tempted to try out!

Do you make your own bread?

I was sent the My First Kids Real Bread Baking Box from Britain Loves Baking free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I always add sugar and salt to my bread. The sugar makes it a little crustier (I think?) The boxes are good value though, and although you can just buy the ingredients it does get the kids more excited about baking when they receive something like this in the post. x

  2. Good for you for teaching your kids how to bake! The bread and rolls look amazing. I watch The Great British Bake Off. Maybe someday your family will be on that show! :)

  3. This is really interesting idea and help kids explore food making X