Saturday 27 March 2021

Week 12 of #Project365. 20th - 26th March. A photo every day for a year!

These weeks are flying over. 3 more school days and then it's the Easter holidays which seem extra long this year. Ellie doesn't go back until the 20th of April. Just when I get used to her being back in school she's off again.

We've had a strange week and I have felt pretty anxious for most of it. I have been worrying about side effects from Stu and Becky having their Covid vaccines. They have both got off so lightly. I am feeling so relieved and now just have to wait to get mine. I got a text this morning inviting me to book an appointment to get it. This time next week I will have had it! I am half excited and half nervous. Eek!

Now for a photo every day!

Covid vaccine card
Covid test reporting
Washing on the line - A hot chocolate and muffin
A doughnut - Me waiting for the bus
Sunflowers growing

79/365 - 20th March
Stu had his vaccine and felt absolutely fine afterwards. He felt a little hot and cold but that was it. He always has sore arms from work anyway so he didn't really feel any pain in his arm.

80/365 - 21st March
I always feel a sense of dread doing Ellie's lateral flow Covid tests. We do them on a Sunday and Wednesday evening. So far they have all been negative but I do worry. 

81/365 - 22nd March
I do love getting washing out on the line and on Monday I got 4 loads dried! I am glad I got so much done as the weather hasn't been great for the rest of the week.

82/365 - 23th March
Snack time. Hot chocolate and a Jammy Dodger muffin.

83/365 - 24th March
Pretty doughnuts! Yum, yum! 

84/365 - 25th March
Waiting for the bus with Becky to go into town to get her Covid vaccine. She was fine after it and hasn't really had any side effects apart from a sore arm.

85/365 - 26th March
More things are growing on my windowsill. I didn't actually know what these were when I took the photo. I was convinced they were daffodils but it turns out they are dwarf sunflowers. I remember the kids got them the set for Mother's day with the bucket, compost and seeds. I need to take note of what I plant and where I put it.

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  1. That donut looks delicious! I was just saying the same thing about our schooling; our towns have been having more students in the building on more days but we have spring break coming up and I'm betting that they're going to encourage everyone to be virtual for 2 weeks afterwards since so many kids have plans already.

  2. That's good they didn't have any side effects. So weird how different people are affected. That muffin looks so good, and the donut. Hope your jab goes ok.

  3. So glad you’ve got your Covid vaccine booked and fingers crossed for minimal side-effects. It does feel like we’ve just settled back into school and then the Easter holidays are upon us. So nice to get washing out on the line. Jammie Dodger muffins sound yummy. Lovely to see the dwarf sunflowers growing. That reminds me that we need to plant our sunflowers again. #project365

  4. So pleased they didn't have any side effects. I have had my first jab and I was ok too - just a little insomnia on the first night (probably paranoia!!) and a bit achy the next day but nothing to stop me carrying out my usual activities. Hope you get on ok with yours this week too. #Project365

  5. Glad the side effects were minimal and good luck with yours #365

  6. Glad to hear your husband and Becky were OK after the jab. Fingers crossed for you.
    The muffin looks like it's showing its little tongue. :)
    My sons love those pink donuts from M&S. The dwarf sunflowers grow well.

  7. Glad that they did not many side effects. Yay for your appointment. I think I am going to be the same a little aprehensive too. Hope it went okay. That is a long break for Easter, I know they have not been back for long but the boys really need it. Donuts look great and I do love a seedling..

  8. I've had a cold this week so the lateral flow test was reassuring! I can't wait to have my jab: my parents have both had their first and one had a sore arm and the other had flu symptoms for 24 hours (they had different versions) #project365

  9. So glad that your OH had no ill affects from the vaccine. All our lateral flow tests have been negative so far too

  10. So glad they didn't suffer for having the jab. I really struggled, I had a fever and felt sick and it went on for about three days until I felt better. My husband on the other hand was fine! Hope you got on okay with your vaccine.

  11. Lovely sweet treats this week. We take ours tests on Sunday's. I know they suggest doing them twice a week but we haven't managed to fit another one into the routine yet. Little E has a plant growing at the moment. I have no idea what it is! #365

  12. Hope the donut was as yummy as it looked. Glad to hear the vaccinations are going well with no side effects so far