Friday 5 March 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Struggle! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have really struggled with picking a word this week and have wrote the start of this blog post a few times. Writing about a week where nothing much has happened is really is a struggle but it turns out that I had more to write than I first though.

The weather hasn't been the best. It's been mostly grey, damp and very cold which was a big difference from last week where it almost felt like spring. It has left us feeling very unmotivated. Yesterday was better though, the sun was shining early on but as of writing this the clouds are coming in and it's starting to look grey. Hmmf. So much for me getting out and sorting the garden out. I at least have washing out on the line which makes me happy.

The home learning hasn't been great this past week. It has been a struggle to keep Ellie interested and engaged. I think it's because she knows the home learning is coming to an end and she will be returning to school next week. She is really looking forward to it but I can see us struggling on Monday morning getting her up, dressed and out of the house, no more lazy mornings for her. hehehe

Ellie finally got to hand in her Design and Technology project. The one about creating a festival that she's been working on since Christmas. The teacher said the PowerPoint had to be no more than 10 slides which was a bit of a struggle because at one point during the week Ellie had about 25. She cut a few pages and moved some around to combine them and was finally satisfied with her work. She has worked hard on the project and I am so proud of the work she has done.

Design & Technology work

There has been talk about GCSE options finally this week from the school. I was starting to think they had forgotten about them. The Design and Technology project was set to give the kids a taster of every part of D&T so it can help them picking their options. At the end of the project they had to list their top 3 D&T subjects out of photography, art, cookery, engineering, textiles and graphics. Ellie at the moment is saying engineering, cookery then art.

 At the moment Ellie doesn't have a clue what she wants to do with her life and picking subjects to study which will define the rest of your education is a huge decision and at the moment seems like a bit of a struggle. Ellie is more certain about the subjects she doesn't want to do than the one's so I feel like we're starting to get somewhere.

Becky has found it a bit of a struggle to afford a lifestyle she is used to without any wages coming in from part time jobs she's had in the past. Even though she's not going out anywhere she still likes to buy things online. I said to her a good few weeks ago if she helped a bit more around the house I would give her some extra pocket money but at the time she refused. This past week she has given in and asked me to write a list of jobs to do, which I did and I said I would pay £10. The jobs are only little like mop the floors, hoover the stairs and fold the washing to name a few. Both of us are winners in this new set up. I don't have to do the jobs I hate and Becky gets paid for doing them. It has been nice having a bit of a break and has meant I can be there to nag Ellie with her school work. 


  1. I feel our week has been more of a struggle too; though I can't pinpoint exactly why but even things like sleeping through the night have been a struggle for me.

  2. Schooling at home is winding down here too. We've had less live lessons this week. Ours go back a few days later. I love the GCSE option stage. So many choices. I bet Ellie learnt a lot from her project. Your deal with Becky sounds a very good idea. Hope her job starts up again before too long. #wotw

  3. I have weeks when it takes me a while to find the right word for the week too. It's harder to stay motivated with home-schooling when it's coming to an end. Good luck with Ellie choosing her GCSE options. It's hard trying to choose the right things and often it is easier to start with eliminating the things you don't like. Becky helping out with jobs around the house to earn money definitely sounds like a win-win situation :-) #WotW

  4. Often it takes me two or three attempts to find a word. The home schooling tailed off for us too, but it all got done. Starting with what you don't like is definitely the way to go when choosing GCSE options. Tell Becky I know how she feels when there's too much month left at the end of the money.. Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Those drawings remind me of the fashion wheel toy I had as a child. The options I picked at school didn't have anything to do with the collage place I moved onto. I needed art but took drama. I bet its nice to have some help around the house. I keep looking at Little E ad wondering when I can start getting her to do jobs around the house ;0) #WotW