Thursday 11 March 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Beautiful eggs! Egg decorating from around the world.

Easter is less than a month away. The way the time is flying over, it will be here before we know it. Chocolate makes a great gift for Easter but it doesn't last, sometimes buying a gift to keep is a good idea, to enjoy every year is the way to go and this is where this beautiful book comes in.

From Scribble Kids Books and by Alice Lindstrom comes Beautiful Eggs. A large format board book perfect for all ages of children.

Beautiful Eggs board book

Beautiful Eggs is a large format board book for Easter that celebrates traditions of egg decorating from around the world in exquisite cut paper illustration. Created by Alice Lindstrom an illustrator and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She works in paper collage, using cut and paste techniques, painting and preparing the paper beforehand, before cutting and assembling it to create textured and painterly collages.

Decorated eggs are found all over the world in many different countries. They are a wonderful celebration of family, culture and tradition for example in the Ukraine, they make pysanka with beeswax and in Japan they use washi tape to decorate eggs. 

Beautiful eggs pages
Beautiful eggs page

Even though this book is a little young for my two they have looked through it and it has given them the idea that they want to decorate eggs over Easter of course Ellie is interested in the Washi designs. She loves everything about Japan.

This really is a beautiful book and even me, a 40 odd year old woman learned something. It is interesting, informative and I am sure children will love it. 

Beautiful eggs crafts

Complete with a stencil incorporated into the design, this book will encourage children to create their own beautiful eggs. With Easter coming up this book provides a range of new craft activities and a chance to learn about different cultures too.

This book costs around £8.99 and can be bought from various places including Amazon.

I was sent this book, Beautiful eggs free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I was so bummed when my boys told me they didn't want to decorate eggs anymore; it was one of my favorite Easter traditions.

  2. ooo what a beautiful and interesting book X