Monday 1 March 2021

Our weekly meal plan! 1st - 7th March. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. We ate everything apart from the pizza on Friday evening. We had some Big Stack burgers & BBQ beef McCain street fries from Iceland. The burgers are a copy of the Big Mac and they are good. Obviously not the same as McDonalds but they'll do and the street fries are so tasty. It was a quick easy meal to make as everything went in the microwave.

Burger and fries

On Saturday night we really fancied a Chinese takeaway but didn't want to pay as much for one so I bought some of the Chinese ready meals from Iceland and we had a little "Fakeaway".

This weeks shopping delivery came from Iceland. We needed to stock up on freezer food like sausages, frozen veg, meat and potato products. I am really loving Iceland at the moment. I wish I could shop from them every week but they're not great for tinned stuff. Hmmf.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - A roast chicken dinner.
Tuesday - Richmond Family Tomato Sausage Pasta and garlic bread.
Wednesday - Scrambled eggs, potato waffles and baked beans.
Thursday - Salmon, Broccoli & Pea Risotto.
Friday - Home made fish & chips.

What are you eating this week?

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  1. Your menu sounds delicious! We headed to our favorite local market this past weekend and stocked up on meat, frozen veggies, and rice/potatoes. We don't shop there every week like we used to since they are so crowded but they have the best prices.

  2. Iceland do not deliver to us i was a little gutted. Your week sounds lovely and so does that fakeaway. we must do waffles and eggs again it is such a lovely dinner idea x

  3. I have some things delivered from Aldi each month and shop another grocery in person several times a month.

  4. Ooh the fakeaway sounds lovely. Those Big Mac copies look great too and I was peering at those Street Fries in the supermarket, wondering if they'd be good or not ! :)

  5. It's so frustrating isn't it. Iceland do some great bargains and always seem to have shopping slots....but you just can't get your entire weekly shop. They have got better over the years with fruit and veg, but like you say, they don't have much choice when it comes to fresh or tinned food.

  6. Sometimes you just can't beat a quick and tasty meal can you! I'll have to give those fries a try, they sound really nice!

  7. I like the idea of the burger, I need to check this out :)