Friday 19 March 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Exciting! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has flown over and it has been a good one. A very exciting week compared to the last few months.

On Saturday I got a text through saying "You are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine but stopped myself from booking it for me because I had a thought that Becky still gets text messages on my number from the NHS because she hasn't got around to changing her phone number at the doctors since she turned 18. I rang up on 119 to ask them and the woman I spoke to was lovely and said it's stupid how there is no name on the text message. She checked through my details and I wasn't eligible so that meant Becky was. I am guessing it is because of her heart problem, the same heart problem she had when the pandemic started and the doctors said she is not at any risk compared to a totally fit and healthy person. I am so glad she's getting the vaccine next week but it does annoy me how they change the rules about who is vulnerable.

So next week Becky goes back to college for the first time this year, gets her vaccine which she is very excited about and then a few days later has her yearly heart check. It's the most excitement Becky's had in months. hehehe

On Monday there was a group Zoom call from Ellie's school giving a presentation about GCSE options. We knew most of the information but it was helpful that it was all explained properly. Ellie is very excited about starting her GCSE lessons and put in her choices on the website the school has given us. Engineering, Business and Geography are her first choices and she has Art and Hospitality and Catering in reserve.

There was also a lot of excitement this week with the new Season of Fortnite starting. Every few months the online game Fortnite has a big update and changes a lot of things. We were up early on Tuesday so Ellie could get ready for school and then watch the big reveal at 8am. We didn't log into the game we just watched others play it on YouTube. I think if we did log in I would have had trouble getting Ellie off the game to go to school. lol. It's the first time since I have started playing Fortnite I have seen a big change. Just when I got the hang of playing they pull the rug out from under me and I have to learn to play again. The map has changed, animals have been added and now you have to craft things like weapons.

Home Covid testing has started here. Ellie had been having lateral flow tests at school since she went back but they have decided now is the time for the parents to take over. I was not excited about this, to be honest I was pretty nervous about doing the first test at home but it turns out they are pretty simple to do and thankfully it was negative. So from now on every Wednesday and Sunday Ellie will be getting tested.

How has your week been?

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  1. That's brilliant news that Becky is getting her vaccine! We had to do our first lateral flow test last night for my son, I was a bit nervous but luckily it was fine. I had to do a covid test on him back in October when he had symptoms which was a real mission, but he has learned to do the swabs himself now so it wasn't a problem!

  2. My youngest son used to play Fortnight too and now my brother and his whole entire family are hooked. I wonder what they think of all the new changes... I hate having to relearn something like that! It always seems to take me longer to catch on than my boys.

  3. Great news that Becky is getting her vaccine. I think it's sad how some slipped through the vulnerable net, my consultant had to write to my GP to ask me to be included. It does seem silly how just getting a bit of life back can be exciting, but I had to laugh at you getting excited about the Fortnite update...oh you are an addict. My oldest kids still watch the Nintendo Direct. We are now officially experts at COVID tests, last weekend we were all tested for the 19th time as part of a study. Lateral flow tests are a breeze in comparison. #wotw

  4. That's great news about Becky getting her vaccine. It is funny how they keep changing the venerable lists but then I guess they are learning things all the time. Ellie's option choices sound very exciting. I wish we had subjects like that when I was at school. We are home texting ourselves too it can be fun to say the least #WotW

  5. It's great that Becky is getting her Covid jab. I get mine next week too. Bit unsettling to have the categories changed. GCSE options are fun. Ellie has chosen an interesting three. I like her reserve choice. Hospitality and Catering is a new one for me. Logging into Fortnite before school would have been a bad move for us. I don't think my Youngest plays it as much, but he did go through a stage. I would never have got him to school. My two younger ones are still being tested at school, but it's only a matter of days until they start bringing the tests home. #wotw

  6. Good news about Becky getting her Covid jab next week. Ellie's choices sound interesting - the subjects have changed a bit since my schooldays! Hope that she gets her first choices. I can imagine logging into Fortnite before school would have been a bad idea - we have a "no screens before school" rule here for that reason! Glad that the testing is more straightforward than expected. #WotW

  7. Excellent news that Becky can have her jab, I agree about putting names on the text messages, would make life a lot easier. My two have tests on Wed/Sun and I have them Mon/Thurs.. it's like a science lab in my house! Karen Early Rising Mum