Tuesday 30 March 2021

We all have a junk drawer. What's in yours?

Since Ellie has gone back to school I have been doing all of those little jobs that I have put off for months like sorting out the cupboard with the bedding in, clearing the shoe rack and sorting the junk drawer in the kitchen.

Junk drawer

There are some unwritten rules that we all blindly follow in our homes such as keeping all your carrier bags inside another carrier bag or putting clothes that have been lightly worn in a pile and not in the washing machine but the junk drawer is a thing of beauty.

No one sets out to create a junk drawer but somehow we all seem to have one. All your odd bits and bobs find their way in and before you know it you’ve lost track of what’s even in there. Messy drawers are the go to place to shove everything that doesn't have a home but do you even know what you’ve been putting in there?

I cleaned ours out recently and was surprised about some of the things in there. A lot of things I had forgotten about and some of the things shouldn't have been in there at all. Oops.

There must have been about 50 birthday candles, birthday banners and some balloons. I must remember later this year not to buy new one's.

There were a ton of instruction manuals for various things. One's that we don't really need anymore like the washing machine that we replaced last year and the coffee machine that we know how to work, we use it enough.

There was Sellotape which I needed a few weeks ago and couldn't find any. It never even crossed my mind to look in the junk drawer. I of course went out and bought more which I didn't really need to do. 

There were a ton of Elastoplast's and I don't know how they got in there because we do actually have a first aid box with Elastoplast's in. The same with the batteries, we have a box for batteries but I still found some in the drawer.

There were some keys? Don't ask me what they were for because I am not 100% sure. Even Stu had no idea. I checked whether they were for the windows but no, I am thinking they could be for a bike locks.

There were a ton of takeaway menus, old one's that are no use as the prices have changed. I have the news one's pinned to the notice board in the kitchen.

Other things in the drawer were kettle descaler which should have been in the cleaning cupboard under the sink, random screws, rubbers, pencils, hair bobbles, superglue and a screwdriver. Those type of things I spend time looking for but never seem to find. lol

What type of things are in your junk drawer?


  1. I have extra keys, batteries and numberous miscellaneous

  2. Whenever I need to find something, the junk drawer is always the first place I took. I often think it's like Hermione Granger's bag and is bottomless and so you need a spell to find what you need! #MMBC

  3. My junk drawer is probably the same as yours, It does need a good clean out. We did have two junk drawers but Graham put spacers in one so everything in it is sorted into little compartments, does that count as a junk drawer now it's all neat and tidy (but still full of junk)?

  4. I just cleaned out our junk drawer a few weeks ago and while I still can't remember where I put a few of the items I am really loving having an extra drawer in my kitchen. I too found lots of birthday candles, batteries, tape, and even a few notepads and charging cords.

  5. Unfortunately I have several junk drawers! And the odd junk bowl. I really need to clear through it all...maybe I'll find the time when my little girl goes to preschool?!

  6. What an imaginative idea for a post. The contents of my junk drawer seem to multiply whenever I shut it. I clean it out and in no time, it's a jumble again. We have some similar things in ours - birthday candles, batteries, scissors, tape, glue, rubber bands, chip clips (to hold the opened bags closed), matches...thanks for making me look in there. It's time to clean it out again!

  7. Oh god there's all kind of random crap in our junk drawer! It gets that bad sometimes we fight to shut it. It's on my to-do list to sort out, but I just know once it's done it will be back to square one in few weeks, haha. x