Saturday 23 December 2023

A photo every day for a year! 16th - 22nd December - Week 51 of #Project365

It's almost Christmas and I am starting to get excited. We always say Christmas really starts today with it being my dad's birthday. We're off to see him today and get told off for buying him presents. My brother and his family will be there so I won't get all the flack. hehehe

Becky was in town yesterday doing some last minute shopping (presents for herself) and she said it was heaving! It was so busy the bus was running over 45 minutes late. Eek! Thankfully by the time she got home the buses had sorted themselves out and they were running on time when Stu finished work. I am glad I am finished with all of the shopping apart from the food shop which is coming this afternoon. I hope everything turns up, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Now for a photo everyday!

Voucher and my eldest wrapping presents
Boxes and Avengers on the TV
Text message and a chocolates
The back garden

350/365 - 16th December
Becky got a gift voucher from work, it's her Christmas bonus. She always forgets about it so when it comes as a nice surprise. She has already spent it but it's a nice gesture as all the staff at the care home do work hard.

351/365 - 17th December
Becky did most of her wrapping and I got her to do some of mine too. hehehe That girl does like wrapping.

352/365 - 18th December
I realised that the boxes inside the Gousto boxes fit perfectly in our bathroom cupboards. The cupboards are now a lot more organised.

353/365 - 19th December
I did my usual routine of watching Avengers Infinity War and End Game when I was wrapping presents. I was so happy to get it done. I hate wrapping!

354/365 - 20th December
Becky was at work and saw something I posted on Facebook and had to message me about it. She thought she was getting an extra present and was so disappointed when I reminded her that it was Ellie's computer chair, bless her!

355/365 - 21st December
The lovely Jayne from Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs sent me a gorgeous gift, lots of chocolate. Yum, yum! 

356/365 - 22nd December
Got up on Friday and checked the fences were still up! We had a couple of days of wind! I definitely thought at least one panel would come down.

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  1. Merry Christmas. The winds have been horrendous haven't they. Hope eweryone liked their gifts and it was a good Christmas for you all

  2. It has been so windy! Was nervous about my fences! Not surprised the buses were late. I stupidly drove through the city centre and the traffic was horrendous

  3. I hope Ellie didn't read this blog post before Christmas and see your message with Becky lol. We went shopping on the Saturday and it was very quiet this part of the world, apparently it was the Friday that everyone went mad.

    1. She already knew about the computer chair, the box was in the dining room for a couple of months as it was so big. lol x

  4. It’s nice when all everything’s done and you can just relax and enjoy Christmas. Hope you and your family had a good one and that your dad had a nice birthday. Those chocolate gifts from Jayne look lovely. Glad your fences stayed up in the wind. #project365