Monday 4 December 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 4th - 10th December. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan mostly went to plan but I messed up. We were supposed to have the fish goujons from Gousto on Thursday but I swapped things around and by the time I came to cook the fish on Friday it was past it's use by date and wasn't smelling too good. It was totally my fault. I need to take more notice of the dates of what I get from Gousto because I know the minced pork didn't have a use by date until the weekend. I think from now on I will plan the meals and not set a day that we are eating them on.

I am enjoying all the Christmas meals from Gousto and I am trying to try all the one's that really appeal to us. I don't usually choose the meals which cost £1 or more per portion but this week I did, the Honey Mustard Pigs In Blankets were just too tempting. I have all the Gousto meals planned right up to just before Christmas. It sure is making meal planning easier.

We don't have much on this week apart for the usual college for Ellie and work for Becky and Stu. Stu said it is so busy at work at the moment with it being the run up to Christmas. Everyone wants to buy a phone to give to someone. hehehe Becky is not looking forward to work tonight, she had a busy weekend. She went to a Taylor Swift club night thing and didn't get back to her hotel for coming on for 2am and was a little hungover and tired yesterday. She said she needs another day to recover but doesn't have it. Eek. hehehe

On the menu this week we have:

Gousto - Stuffing Crusted Chicken With Buttery Veg And Onion Gravy.

Gousto - Pizza-Style Loaded Beans On Toast.

Gousto - Creamy Mushroom Pie With Balsamic Roasted Sprouts And Mash.

Gousto - Honey Mustard Pigs In Blankets Brioche With Stuffing Fries.


Lasagne and garlic bread.

Sunday lunch out.

What are you eating this week?


  1. Is it awful to admit I have no idea? I wrote up a menu but just today alone we added 3 more things to our calendar this week so I'm pretty much leaving each night up in the air until I know who will be home when!

  2. That Gousto recipe sounds super tasty! I love the idea of stuffing crusted chicken with buttery veggies and onion gravy. Your weekly meal plan is making me hungry and excited to try new dishes!

  3. Kim, your menu sounds wonderful. I like to have a weekly meal plan as well. One of the days this week we will enjoy some mixed vegetables with sausage.

  4. We have a whiteboard on the fridge and put the dates down of things that go off. I can't do meal planning, I've tried but it just doesn't work with my family. It really grieves me when I have to throw food away that's gone off though. I do actually have an app. with my fridge where I can put dates in but it's way to much faff. The magnetic white board and pen cost less than £5 and works perfectly.