Saturday 2 December 2023

A photo every day for a year! 25th Nov - 1st Dec - Week 48 of #Project365

These weeks seem to be flying over and now we're in December and the last few weeks of the year. I am feeling pretty prepared for Christmas. I've still got some things to buy but I'm feeling organised. One of the highlights of our week has been opening our advent calendars. Who doesn't love a bit of chocolate first thing on a morning. hehehe

We have had a good week, Ellie has been loving college and has been learning all about conduit's and piping to do with electrical engineering. It was my Word of the Week because that is all I have heard about this week.

We have a quiet weekend planned, we will of course be watching Doctor Who! Wasn't last weeks brilliant! I love that Donna is back and The Meep really tricked me, I thought it was so adorable until it wasn't. lol

Now for a photo every day! 

Bubble bath and TV
My youngest on her computer
Christmas dressed and Spotify Wrapped
Bottles of wine and stone

329/365 - 25th November
I always used to tell the kids off for putting too many bubbles in the bath now it was my time for a telling off from Ellie. She said I should know better. lol

330/365 - 26th November
The girls had me watching Squid Game: The Challenge and it didn't take me long to get hooked! Wow! It was so good, I have watched it all apart from the final which is released in a few days. It was brutal, the bridge episode especially! He should not have been eliminated, he was one of my favourites!

331/365 - 27th November
Ellie on her computer. She is not liking this weather as when she leaves the house it's frosty and when she comes home it's dark and extra cold.

332/365 - 28th November
Saw this fabulous dress in one of the charity shops in town! It would be hilarious to go to a fancy party dressed as a Christmas tree.

333/365 - 29th November
Spotify Wrapped! I hardly use it but Ellie obviously does with our top artist being Oasis. I love that The Glee Cast is still on the list, I prefer their versions of songs to some of the original artists.

334/365 - 30th November
I bought a good chunk of the alcohol and fizzy pop for Christmas. Stu saves up his bonuses from work and at this time of year converts them to supermarket vouchers which is really helpful. 

335/365 - 1st December
Advent calendars were opened and Ellie was very happy with her first rock from her Crystal calendar.

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  1. You can never have enough bubbles in a bath, hehe!
    Ellie has the perfect set up there. Gaming and snacks, you can’t beat it.
    That Christmas tree dress would make a great fancy dress costume. Never seen anything like it.
    And how handy that Stu’s bonus has helped with the Christmas shopping. Plenty of fizz for you then. ;) xx

  2. Oh you just reminded me to watch the next episode of Dr Who! So glad it is back and yes I got tricked by the Meep! I am watching Squid Game and agree..that bridge episode was tough and it wasn't fair he got eliminated

  3. That is a lot of bubbles. That Christmas tree dress reminds me of the Tesco Christmas advert. I've been buying drinks too - it's easy to get those ahead of time, but I have to keep stopping N from trying to use the soft drinks I bought.

  4. Love having Doctor Who back on TV and so lovely to see Bernard Cribbins again at the end of the last episode. I didn’t think you could have too many bubbles in the bath, lol! That Christmas tree dress is brilliant – I didn’t realise it was a dress until I read your comment! I like the sound of Ellie’s crystal advent calendar. #project365

  5. Love the Christmas tree dress and it's fabulous your daughter reminds you not to use too many bubbles in the bath! #MMBC

  6. I saw the dress on Instagram, it is so funny.
    I can understand Ellie's frustration with the weather.

  7. Ooh I didn't know Spotify has an annual review thing, off to check mine! I love christmas trees but now sure I would dress as one... #project365