Saturday 30 December 2023

Ring in the New Year with some teenage friendly celebration Ideas!

As the countdown to the New Year begins it's time to start thinking about how to make this celebration unforgettable for your teenagers. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new with a bash that's as fun and exciting as the young souls you're celebrating with.

New Years Eve countdown

Grab your confetti cannons and let's dive into some ideas that will turn your New Year's Eve into the stuff of legends!

The Great Countdown Bash:
Turn your living room into the ultimate party zone with glittering decorations, streamers and funky lights. Create a countdown wall clock that builds the anticipation as the clock ticks away. Assign each hour leading up to midnight a different activity or game, keeping the energy levels high and the excitement building.

DIY Photo Booth Extravaganza:
Teenagers love capturing every moment for the 'Gram, so why not set up a DIY photo booth? Equip it with funky props, sparkly backdrops and polaroid cameras. This way, your teens can snap away and create everlasting memories of the night.

Themed Costumes:
Give your party a unique flair by choosing a theme for the night. Whether it's a Great Gatsby inspired affair, a masquerade ball or a throwback to the '80's or 90's. Having a theme adds an extra layer of fun and gives everyone an excuse to get creative with their outfits.

Gourmet Snack Attack:
Elevate the celebration with a spread that's both delicious and Instagram worthy. Set up a snack bar with a mix of sweet and savoury treats, from gourmet popcorn to build your own taco stations. Don't forget mocktails. Colourful, fizzy drinks that let your teens feel fancy without the morning after headache.

Dance 'til You Drop:
A New Year's Eve party wouldn't be complete without a dance floor. Create a playlist that combines the latest hits with throwback classics that will get everyone on their feet.

Memory Lane Movie Marathon:
Create a cosy movie corner with bean bags, blankets and an array of the best films from the past year. Let your teens vote on their favourites or choose a theme like "Nostalgia Night" with classic movies from their childhood.

Transform your living room into a stage and let the musical talents (or lack of) of your teenagers shine. Karaoke machines and a killer playlist will keep the party pumping.

Resolutions and Vision Boards:
Encourage your teens to reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming one. Provide materials for creating vision boards or resolution cards. This not only adds a meaningful touch to the celebration but also helps them look forward to the future with optimism.

Escape Room Extravaganza:
Bring the thrill of an escape room to your New Year's Eve bash. Set up a series of puzzles and challenges that teams must conquer to "escape." It adds an element of excitement, friendly competition, and teamwork to the celebration

Outdoor Adventure:
If weather permits, consider hosting an outdoor celebration with a bonfire, a cosy setup of blankets and a telescope for stargazing. This provides a unique and memorable way to welcome the New Year.

DIY Fireworks Display:
If it's legal and safe in your area, bring out the sparklers and small fireworks for a dazzling display. Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines to ensure a night filled with sparkle, not trouble.

With these ideas, you'll be well on your way to hosting a New Year's Eve party that will have your teens talking for months to come. Here's to a year filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments! 

What do you have planned for New Years Eve?


  1. I think I've done most of these things in the past. We don't really party now though, we generally fill our faces with lots of goodies including cheeses galore and crackers. We play games, board games or something like Jackbox TV, Mario Party or Mario Karts. Then just before Midnight we'll have a countdown with the television and go outside to enjoy everyone else's fireworks. This has been the normal for the last 8 years. I'm not sure about this year though, if I'm honest I feel like I want to go to bed at 9pm and pretend it's not happening. I'll leave it up to the kids. Do you have plans Kim? xx

  2. Happy New Year!!

    I hope you'll have a wonderful time celebrating this evening.

  3. January 2024 at 15:14

    Happy new year to you and your family X