Tuesday 26 December 2023

Mastering the art of laziness through the holidays!

We're into the the most wonderful week of the year, sandwiched between Christmas and the New Year, a time when the hustle and bustle of the build up to Christmas has gone and the excitement of Christmas starts to fade and the world seems to slow down. I love this part of the Christmas holidays. I have worked hard planning Christmas so I deserve a break!

lazy Christmas

Here is a guide on how to relax, unwind and master the art of being lazy!

Pyjamas, All Day Every Day!
The dress code for almost every day over the next week is pyjamas. Embrace loungewear and let your fanciest outfit be the cosiest pair of pj's that you own. You don't have to be stinky! Get up in the morning and just change into a clean set of pj's for the day. There's no extra washing to do as you would have normally been wearing clothes anyway.

Have a binge watch extravaganza!
Your mission is to become one with your couch and indulge in a TV series or movie marathon. Watch that show that you have never had time for or watch a series of films. This can be done easily with children too. We used to always watch the Toy Story movies or How to Train your dragon at this time of year.

Have a nap!
With all the food we have eaten over the Christmas season I know I feel like napping more. I tend to stay up later over this week so I am flagging by late afternoon and a little nap sorts me out.

Create a snack haven in your living room. Turkey sandwiches, cheese platters, afternoon drinks, tubs of chocolates, anything beige like sausage rolls are a winner. You get bonus lazy points for opting for pre-packaged snacks.

Mindless Scrolling!
Scroll through your social media feeds without a care in the world. The goal is to  lose track of time while simultaneously mastering the art of procrastination. I have found TikTok to be the best for this, everyone has more time at this time of year so those who make TikTok's have the extra time to make more.

Avoiding Adulting!
Between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to ignore responsibilities. Bills, emails and chores! Let them wait as long as they are not too important. Everything will still be there in the New Year.

Be cosy!
Make the most of not going out into the cold and snuggle under blankets, have candles burning and treat yourself to a hot chocolate. I love to fill a hot water bottle and shut the curtains early, it always makes it feel cosy in here and it is so easy to lose track of time.

Create a playlist of your favourite relaxed tunes and let the music set the tone for your lazy escapade. 

Guilt free reading!
Grab that book you've been meaning to read and immerse yourself in a guilt free reading session. Whether it's fiction, non fiction, or a guilty pleasure novel. Let the words transport you to another world.

Embrace the Do Nothing philosophy!
Above all, remember to embrace the do nothing philosophy. Give yourself permission to enjoy the stillness, the lack of agenda and the joy of doing absolutely nothing without a hint of guilt.

Kick back, relax, and let the laziness commence. You've earned it!!


  1. Yeah, um... my first day of my much coveted break between Christmas and New Years found me doing MORE than I had been before Christmas! We're prepping our house for a party this weekend and I've already started cleaning and cooking and preparing. But I do love all your suggestions here!

  2. I'm so happy to have found your blog and I love this post. Pajamas, All Day Every Day - that's got my vote. It's a good excuse to go out and buy some really nice sets.