Saturday 9 December 2023

A photo every day for a year! 2nd - 8th December - Week 49 of #Project365

Happy Saturday! I hope you have all had a good week. I have had a great week. We have had a few jobs done around the house but the main one was getting a shower put in which is very exciting and we are loving it. The simple things that we take for granted are the best! We have never had a shower in this house and I didn't realise how much I missed one until Wednesday.

The excitement is building for Christmas and I am going tomorrow to do some of the food shopping. My dad is taking me to the big Iceland to get all the freezer stuff which reminds me my job for today is to sort out our freezers. 

Now for a photo every day!

Thick frost in my garden
Snow in my garden
Rubber ducks and Santa
The shower
Christmas card and my girls

336/365 - 2nd December
Just before going to bed I checked outside to see if there was any snow, nope, just a very thick layer of frost.

337/365 - 3rd December
The snow arrived and it was lovely. It was the perfect snow day, enough snow to say it had snowed, I saw kids building snowmen and having fun, Stu and I went out for a walk in it and by the next morning it had all gone without causing any disruption.

338/365 - 4th December
The ducks out of Becky's advent calendar. She has even more now. All different sizes and colours. It really was a good buy.

339/365 - 5th December
The local football club organise Santa coming around on his sleigh every year. On Tuesday it was our streets turn and I even remembered to have some change to donate this year.

340/365 - 6th December
The shower was wired up and it worked! Hooray! We all had a shower on Wednesday evening and loved it and the best thing it didn't cost as much as I thought it would. 

341/365 - 7th December
Our first Christmas card arrived. I have bought cards, I just need to write them out and post them. I just had a mini panic wondering when the last posting days are. 18th for 2nd class and the 20th for 1st class. Phew!

342/365 - 8th December
Both of my girls had an afternoon at home with me which doesn't happen often now. Ellie is usually at college when Becky is home and Becky is either sleeping for work or out when Ellie is home.


  1. Yeah showers! I hate when there is trouble in the bathroom. I've been meaning to send Christmas cards but I think they're going to be late.

  2. I had all three of my boys home one afternoon last week and I texted my husband that it was so weird to have them all home at once when normally they'd be at work or school.

  3. Bet you're glad to have a working shower. You got so much more snow than we did!!

    1. I can't live without showers. I don't know how you've alk cooed for so many years. I'd happily get rid of our bath. Love the duck advent calendar. We didn't have any snow which I was pleased about. It does look nice though

  4. I'm not a big fan of showers, I much prefer a bath. You had a lovely covering of snow. Love the rubber duck collection, do they bob around the shower floor now?

  5. That’s a nice amount of snow and sounds like it lasted for just the right amount of time as well. I’m a little jealous as we didn’t get any where we are! Glad you have your new shower and it’s working well. Lovely to have an afternoon with both the girls at home. #project365