Tuesday 28 November 2023

Our advent calendars.

I saw on Facebook someone asking what age do you stop buying your kids advent calendars? I was glad to see the majority of the people answered never! I can't imagine the run up to Christmas without an advent calendar. A little bit of chocolate each morning is such a treat in December!

In the past the girls have had Smiggle, Friends, bath bombs and Roblox one's but this year we were just going to go for chocolate one's and have just one each. hahaha! That never worked out, Stu is the only one to have just one this year.

Chocolate advent calendars

I bought a Reese's one and was quite happy with that until I saw the Terry's Chocolate Orange one in Asda. Chocolate Oranges have always been a Christmas thing but I don't ever remember seeing them in an advent calendar before this year! I had to get one and it was only a couple of pounds.

Stu has a the Dairy Milk Chocolate Chunks one, Becky has a normal Galaxy one and Ellie went for something a bit different and didn't get a chocolate one but a sweet one this year, the Maoam Advent Calendar.

Maoam Advent Calendar

While I was shopping for some Christmas presents on Shein I came across a couple more advent calendars for the girls.

For Ellie I got Crystal Advent Calendar which was just over £8 which I thought was a bargain considering the same one on Amazon is around £25. It contains 24 ores, crystals or rocks of different colours, shapes, properties and characteristics. Ellie loves anything like this and really excited to start opening it.

Crystal and Rubber duck advent calendar

For Becky I got a Rubber Duck Advent Calendar for just under £10. A similar one on Amazon costs around £12. Rubber ducks may seem babyish but Becky loves them and already has quite a collection. 

I had a bit of money from my birthday and did think about getting a Harry Potter Funko advent calendar but the prices haven't came down enough. I remember a few years ago I did get a Fortnite one for better than half price at the end of November so I'll keep an eye on the prices.

Have you got an advent calendar ready for December? What type?


  1. Normally we just do a little chocolate one for the kids but my daughter has been nagging for a fidget one for years so this year we finally gave in. My son wasn't fussed so I just bought him a small chocolate one and a book! You got some bargains with yours, I find that the themed ones are so expensive, especially if you are buying more than one. I really fancied a jigsaw puzzle one this year but I couldn't find a design that I really liked, I might just make my own for next year using one of my Christmas puzzles!