Friday 3 November 2023

This week my Word of the week is: Rain!! #WotW

This week my Word of the week is:


Are we all sick of the rain yet? I can't seem to remember a day in the last few weeks where it hasn't rained. It always seems to rain the worst on the days when Ellie is in college, especially between half seven and half eight in the morning when she has to go and get her bus, Becky isn't escaping the rain though, she's got soaked a couple of mornings coming home. 

I have been really lucky avoiding the rain. Stu and I went out on Sunday and I put washing on the line, just as we got home it started raining. We went out on Monday shopping and missed every shower while we were in shops and while we were on the bus coming home it chucked it down but by the time we got off the rain had stopped. Even yesterday I got the bins in and just as I came back in the heavens opened, the rain stopped when my food shop was delivered and then started again as the van pulled away.

The washing pile is mounting up, we have a tumble dryer but I hate using it. It takes ages to dry anything and costs a small fortune. I am making do with using the clothes airer's and putting what I can out on the line when there is a dry spell. My thinking is if I can get stuff half dry outside it makes it easier to dry inside.

The UK has saw another storm hit, Storm Ciaran. I hope you have all managed to stay safe but so far seems to have missed us apart from the rain. These storms seem to be coming more and more which is really worrying. I always panic when I hear about a storm as if the wind gets up too much it means the Humber Bridge over to Hull will close and Stu wouldn't be able to get to work and even worse if the bridge closes when he's at work he wouldn't be able to get home on the bus. Ugh! It would mean getting a couple of trains or a taxi with a 40 odd mile detour.

The girls are hoping it's dry on Sunday as they are wanting to go to the local bonfire and fireworks display. I am not a fan of fireworks so I am glad they're old enough to go themselves, well with friends. The local event is so overpriced. £6 for an adult and £4 for a child to get in if you walk in or £15 per car which seems so unfair as there are cars which fit 7 people in. Now they are saying parking is restricted because of all of the rain and the fields being muddy. They will be raking the money in. I read that someone lives a few doors from where the event is will be taking her car as it's cheaper for her family to get in paying just the £15. Madness! 

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. We have had some rain too, but thankfully no damage in our area as far as I am aware. You seemed lucky to have missed being soaked so many times! Wishing you have a good weekend and all the best for the week ahead.

  2. We were hit with flood conditions this summer and there was SO much rain. It definitely felt like it was never-ending! Hoping that it clears up quickly for you and that the sun shines quickly again! Warmly, Rebecca :)

  3. We haven't had a huge amount of rain, and when we have it's been overnight. I'd love to live nearer the coast or in the countryside, but when we have these storms I'm glad we live in the Midlands. The costs of the fireworks display does seem unfair. I'm not a fan, I'll watch from my window. x

  4. We've had some rain but fortunately not as much as some. We were on holiday at Centerparcs and the rain sounds different in the forest! Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. It’s been cloudy, rainy cold and miserable over here and it’s supposed to be spring! I know what you mean about the dryer costing so much to run. My electricity bill came the other day and it was higher than usual because I had used the dryer more often. I hope those scary storms keep away from you!

  6. We certainly have had a lot of rain recently and it always seems to be worst at school run time! Glad the storm missed you – we got off lightly as well. Having the problem of the Humber Bridge closing is an extra worry. Hope it was dry for the fireworks display. #WotW