Wednesday 15 November 2023

Would You Rather - Part 3.

while ago I saw a post from the blog This Is Where It's At with 80 Would you rather questions. I thought they would be fun to answer them. I was going to do all 80 in one post but I do like to waffle on so thought I would split them into a few blog posts. You can read the previous set of questions in a previous blog post.

Question marks

Would you rather be a genius and know everything or be amazing at any activity you tried? 
Ohh! This is a tough one. I think being a genius would help you be amazing at any activity that you tried. Knowing everything would be good too. 

Would you rather dine alone or catch a good movie by yourself?
I hate going out alone to eat, I always feel so awkward but sitting by myself in the cinema watching a film in peace is just fantastic.

Would you rather end world hunger or stop crime? 
I think stopping crime would be better for the world, hear me out. If I stopped all crime there would be no need for prisons or the police which would mean there would be more money which could go towards feeding the hungry.

Would you rather wear trousers 3 sizes too big or shoes 3 times too small?
The trousers 3 sizes too bit would be the best option. I could make them fit by rolling them up or tucking them in but shoes 3 sizes too small would be way too uncomfortable.

Would you rather have to walk backwards forever or crawl on all fours?
I could easily walk backwards forever but crawling on all fours would have my poor knees done in.

Would you rather be able to play every instrument or speak every language?
I am not a musical person so playing every instrument has no interest for me but speaking every language would be interesting.

Would you rather be able to swim like a dolphin, or fly like a bird?
We don't have much water around where I live so it would be pointless swimming like a dolphin but being able to fly like a bird would be amazing!

Would you rather be a famous actor or a famous singer?
A famous actor, I think being an actor takes less effort. You act in a film or tv show and that's it but if you are a singer you have to write the songs, record the songs and then go on tour. There's more to lose as a singer if your song isn't a hit.

Would you rather eat rotten eggs or sour milk?
Sour milk. I have a fear of eating rotten eggs and becoming really ill. With sour milk there's a bit of vomiting, a sore belly and that's about it.

Would you rather only ever eat ice cream or never eat ice cream again?
I would never eat ice cream again. It's nice but I can take or leave it.

What would you answer for these Would you rather questions?


  1. I fully agree with your comment on crime. Maybe of the places where there is hunger are also under military juntas or rebels with guns, so that would help them a lot. A safe place is a place where people can work and people can invest.
    Lovely to read your answers.

  2. I don't mind eating out alone but I always bring a book to read! I fully agree with your comment on crime too. I don't even like regular milk or eggs so that second to last question really makes me cringe.

  3. Some of these questions are hard and I'm not sure which I'd rather. Probably the only one I was sure of was that I'd rather wear too-big trousers than small shoes. I wore some shoes to a wedding last year that are now too small for me (feet must grow with age!) and they almost ruined my night. They were so excruciatingly painful!!