Thursday 30 November 2023

What I loved in November!

November might be my favourite month of the year. The excitement for Christmas starts to build and there is no stress like what comes in December. It's also my birthday month. November went in a flash and it was a really good month with lots of fun, family time and special moments. These were the things that I loved!

Heart drawn on paper in crayon

The Big Bang Theory!
I am so late to watching it. I kept seeing bits on the TV while waiting for one of the shows I usually watch and always laughed at it so thought I would take the plunge and watch it all off Netflix. I am about half way through and I love it. Sheldon is of course my favourite, what a character he is!

Christmas Pudding Flavoured crisps!
I bought these not expecting to love them so much! They taste just like Christmas. A little bit sweet and with a hint of cinnamon.

Xmas pudding flavoured crisps and pigs in blankets

Pigs in Blankets!
Sausage and bacon is good separately but put them together with cranberry sauce and they are just amazing! I predict I might have eaten a hundred of these tasty morsels by Christmas day. hehehe

My blog turning 11!
I have been blogging for 11 years now. It's crazy to think how far I come, when I started I didn't have a clue what I was doing, sometimes now I still don't but I can say my photos and what I write about has improved. I wrote about my favourite blog posts from the last year, one for each month.

Evenings out! 
I go months with no nights out and then have 2 in the space of a few weeks. My girls went off to the Bonfire night event locally and my fella went to the local pub with a couple of friends and then we went out again for my birthday to a different pub. Lots of fun was had, it was fun to get dressed up and I even rode one of those rodeo bull rides. It's not a usual thing at the pub, it was someone's birthday and she had hired it and was letting everyone have a go. It was so much fun but I did have a sore hip the next day. 

me dressed up and riding a bull

My birthday!
I turned 44 and I had such a lovely day! I was truly spoilt and felt very loved. I received some amazing gifts. Trainers, make up, lots of Harry Potter things, pyjamas, slippers and a couple of winter jumpers which I really needed. We had a nice family meal out and there was of course cake! 

My eldest spending wisely!
A few years ago when Becky started full time work and got a full time wage her spending was a bit reckless. She was forever buying silly things that she saw on TikTok or a ridiculous amount of takeaways. Over the past year she has done well at reining in her spending and actually saves more than ever. Over the last month she has splurged and treated herself. She went to see the Dirty Dancing stage show with her friend and they stayed in a hotel as it was cheaper than getting a taxi home and more recently she bought herself a new bed and 2 matrasses. She wanted to upgrade from a single to a double bed and the reason for 2 matrasses is that the first one she bought was just a memory foam matrass topper. Oops. She's learned a lesson, to read things properly!

My Harry Potter tree!
I usually leave it to my family to put the tree up but I took charge this year with some gorgeous Harry Potter tree ornaments that I got from Primark! The tree looked amazing for about 10 minutes before I felt guilty that there was none of the decorations on that my girls have made over the years. They have now been added too.

Our Christmas tree

The Crown!
I love watching The Crown off Netflix and I of course had to watch the new episodes when they were released. I was rather annoyed that there was only 4 of them but Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana was just perfect. I remember the news about Princess Diana's death and watching the funeral, I know The Crown isn't real life but it's like watching it all from a different perspective.

Time off work.
My fella took a few days off work for my birthday and with his normal days off he had quite a bit of time at home which was lovely. He works hard and deserves a break. We had time to relax together and to get some jobs done around the house. Becky also took 2 days off work which meant the way her shift pattern worked she had a full week off. It was fantastic to have a lot of family time.

What did you love in November?

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  1. The Big Bang is one of my all time favorites! We re-watched the shows a few years ago with our boys and they all enjoyed it too. Happy birthday; I'm impressed you rode the mechanical bull... I feel much too old for that.