Saturday 25 November 2023

A photo every day for a year! 18th - 24th November - Week 47 of #Project365

 I have had such a fun week. Starting it seeing the Christmas lights been switched on in town, I had a night out, there was my birthday, we put our Christmas decorations up and we have had a lot of time together as a family with Stu and Becky both having time off work. It has been a really lovely week, one of those that I didn't want to end.

We're looking forward to a fun weekend too. Stu has another day off work which seems such a treat for him, having 2 Saturdays off in a row. We don't have anything planned apart from having something nice to eat for tea and to be all sat in front of the TV at half past six for the new episode of Doctor Who! 

Now for a photo every day!

Afternoon tea hamper
Turkey dinner and tree topper
Christmas treats and trainers

322/365 - 18th November
Ready for a night out! I love this top, it feels perfect for the run up to Christmas. Very festive.

323/365 - 19th November
The face of regret. lol I had such a good evening out but was sore after riding a rodeo bull ride and falling off. I should know better at my age. I can laugh about it now but wasn't on Sunday.

324/365 - 20th November
A gorgeous gift of afternoon tea from my friend Jayne. Becky was here when I was opening it, oohing and aahing over everything expecting me to share straight away. Nope. hehehe

325/365 - 21st November
I had a lovely birthday and was spoilt rotten. We had a fab meal out, I got my Christmas dinner and it was good.

326/365 - 22nd November
Our Christmas decorations were put up and I am in love with my Harry Potter ornaments on the tree, especially the Golden Snitch tree topper.

327/365 - 23rd November
I am stocking up for Christmas.

328/365 - 24th November
I got some new trainers for my birthday and they are so comfy. 


  1. Happy birthday for the other day. Glad you had a good day spending time with family. Love the new trainers - I've not seen any around like that. And I like your top too - where was that from? I've been getting a few bits for Christmas too - I'm trying to look out for offers on drinks, but annoyingly the ones the OH drinks don't seem to be going on offer (and annoyingly he'll only drink full fat coke which is now so expensive compared with the sugar free versions). I'll just shop around for the Guinness he likes.

    1. The trainers were from Sports Direct and the top was from Shein. Thank you. x

  2. I loved all of your photos. Such a fun idea to take a photo every day. It is great to look back on. I loved your top in the first photo. Very festive!

    Visiting from #mmbc

  3. What a fantastic week! I can totally understand why you didn’t want it to end! I love your top it looks great on you and it’s perfect for Christmas. What a lovely gift from Jayne😊

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, the video of you on the bull did make me laugh, well done for having a go.

  5. Gorgeous top in the first pic, hope you had a wonderful birthday! Christmas seems to be arriving already (only 2 more weeks of school!) #project365

  6. Glad you had a lovely week for your birthday. You look really lovely dressed up for your night out – what a beautiful top. Love the Christmas tree topper. #project365