Friday 24 November 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Full of Fun! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Full of Fun

I have had a week full of fun. My birthday celebrations started on Saturday and didn't really end until yesterday when it was back to reality with Stu returning to work after a few days off.

On Saturday we started the fun by going to see my dad, having breakfast out and going for a look at the local auction which we haven't been to for ages. By the time Stu and I got home my parcel had arrived from Shein which was full of Christmas things. Decorations and some presents. I wasn't expecting it until the Monday so it felt like a real surprise. We had planned on going for a meal out after we had seen the Christmas lights been switched on locally but the pub but saw a stall selling pork, stuffing and apple sauce in buns which is my favourite so we had that. We did end up in the pub and had such a fun night. There was one of those rodeo bull rides which after a couple of glasses of wine thought it was a good idea to have a go on it. I should have known better, I of course fell off and landed on my hip which isn't good at the best of times. I was fine on Saturday night but on Sunday morning I was feeling very sorry for myself and didn't have one bit of sympathy from my family. Eesh! lol.

On Tuesday it was my birthday and I really had the best day. I had a lie in and woke to pastries and flowers from Stu and had a pile of presents to open. I was so spoilt with make up, pj's, lots of Harry Potter things and so much more. We went out for a meal, just to our local Wetherspoons. Cheap and cheerful and one good thing about having my birthday in the run up to Christmas is that Christmas dinner is on the menu. 

On Wednesday we decided to do the big Christmas clean which isn't usually my idea of fun but Stu and Becky were here which made it more enjoyable. We were quick in getting finished so decided to put the Christmas decorations up too, well most of them. There is still a few to go up but that can wait until the weekend. 

I took charge of the Christmas tree this year as I had my Harry Potter ornaments from Primark to put on it. They are so pretty and I just bought the box for the baubles I didn't realise there were other things too like golden snitches and Harry's glasses. I love, love, love my tree this year but did feel guilty that there were none of our usual decorations on, like the one's that the girls have made over the years. They have now been added. It still looks so pretty.

Becky has had the fun of putting a new bed together. She has wanted a bigger bed for a few years, I was going to get her one for her birthday but she didn't like the idea of just getting a bed and mattress so she has bought a small double herself and then realised she needed double duvets, duvet covers and more pillows. lol She is starting to realise it's expensive being an adult and even more expensive since she messed up buying the mattress. She bought a memory foam topper thinking it was a mattress, a real sized mattress is arriving today. Oops. lol 

We have more fun coming over the weekend. Stu has another Saturday off and a the moment we don't really have any plans apart from watching the new episode of Doctor Who which I am so excited for. It's going to be a weekend of relaxing and lots of family time.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. What a lovely Word of the Week to finish this week on. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! I love that you went bull riding, hehe. Fair play to you.
    I loved your tree on Instagram. How cool having a Harry Potter themed tree!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  2. I just love reading your posts! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. My sister showed me your Instagram post on that bull thing. Honestly, I was laughing too, but not now, knowing that you were hurt. lol. I'd never go on one of those things. They're fun to look at though. Your tree sounds right up your street. Would love to see it. Well done on your girl 'adulting' it. Lol. Have fantastic week ahead.

  3. What a fun week you've had, I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday. I had to laugh about the bull!! And poor Becky and her bed! I hope she has her new mattress now. xx

  4. What a fantastic week! I'm happy to hear you have been celebrated big time! My coworker ordered a whole lot of Christmas craft for the preschool from Shein and it arrived so fast. I always thought Shein only stocked clothes. I hope your hip is okay after the fun bull ride. I haven't put my tree up yet. This morning I panicked when I looked at the calendar because I just can't believe how fast the days are flying by! I bet Becky will enjoy her new bed and mattress.

  5. Happy birthday! It sounds like you’ve had a really lovely week with all the celebrations and were properly spoiled for your birthday. So nice when parcels arrived earlier than expected. Lovely to get the Christmas tree up – ours is hopefully going up next weekend. Oops to Becky getting a mattress topper instead of a mattress. Hope her new bed is all sorted out now! #WotW