Saturday 11 November 2023

A photo every day for a year! 4th - 10th November - Week 45 of #Project365

I am loving this month, we have so much going on, starting last weekend with the girls going to the local bonfire and fireworks display. They had a great time. Becky has been to see the Dirty Dancing stage show, I have been doing more Christmas shopping and watching plenty of Christmas movies, Ellie has of course been to college but is not loving coming home in the dark. It is hectic for Stu at work with Christmas coming but he has a few days of holidays coming up which we are all looking forward to.

We have a quiet weekend planned. I am predicting lots of time spent in our pyjamas, eating yummy food and lots of films being watched. 

Now for a photo every day! 

A box and me
Gousto box and rain
Advent calendar and Greggs Festive Bake

308/365 - 4th November
That box can just stay there until Christmas. It's one of Ellie's presents and it's too big and heavy to take upstairs and I don't fancy putting it into the garage even though it is dry in there.

309/365 - 5th November
Just me. The girls went to the bonfire with their friends and Stu and I went to meet our friends at the pub. It was a lovely evening.

310/365 - 6th November
I do love a Monday when the Gousto box for the week is delivered. Usually I hate putting the food shop away but this is different, usually there's always something a little bit different in them to surprise me. The past week it was the leeks, they were huge!

311/365 - 7th November
I thought I would have my lunch before I got the washing in off the line. (It was dry) Halfway through eating my lunch the heavens opened and all the washing was soaked by the time I got to the back door.

312/365 - 8th November
Flags for Remembrance Day in a street near us. It felt special seeing them as they were just in a private front garden and not somewhere like a shop.

313/365 - 9th November
I love Terry's Chocolate Orange and this is the first year I can think of them doing an advent calendar. Surely they must have done one before now but I don't remember it. It's all mine. hehehe

314/365 - 10th November
It's that time! Festive Bakes from Greggs are being sold. Becky got me a couple on her way home.


  1. Lovely photos; a nice look at everyday life! I am so jealous of the Gregg's festive slices, I miss being able to have those and a good sausage roll! Yum!

  2. I've never had anything savoury from Greg's apart from the sausage rolls. Sounds like it's been a reasonable week. Boo to the rained on clothes.

  3. My eldest is addicted to the vegan sausage rolls from Greggs. I love Terrys chocolate orange too!

    Oh no to the rain soaking the clothes...hate it when that happens!

  4. November seems to be whizzing by so quickly, surely it was only just halloween! Still waiting for some dry weather :( #project365

  5. Oooo a Chocolate Orange advent calendar, I will have to look out for that, although cannot believe how expensive they are this year. This was the first year mine didn't do a rememberence parade, but I did get to do the two minutes silence announcements in Tesco

  6. The chocolate orange calendar looks nice, wouldn't mind one of them for myself, this year I've got a gin a day, still need to get one for my granddaughter and a child at work. Can't eat Greggs due to the wheat but I love the smell of them and miss not being able to sneak the odd one in

  7. How nice for you and Stu to have an evening out with your friends. So annoying when the washing is out in the rain and you can’t get it in quickly enough. Hope you’re enjoying your Terry’s chocolate orange advent calendar. #project365