Wednesday 1 November 2023

What I would like for my birthday and Christmas!

Hello November! My favourite month! It's my birthday in a few weeks, I'm a Celeb will be on the TV soon and it's OK to talk about and get excited for Christmas! 

I love having my birthday in November, all the Christmas gifts are in the shops, places have good deals on big bottles of Baileys for almost half price and there is of course all the best chocolate on offer too. hehehe My family have no excuse for not getting me good gifts. hehehe

A wrapped gift

My family has been asking what I want for my birthday and Christmas and I have come up with quite a few things that I would love along with the usual pyjamas and slippers which I thought I would share here too.

Lego sets - Dobby and Thanos Glove

Infinity Gauntlet - £59.99 - Amazon.
Dobb the House-Elf - £17.99 - Amazon.

Last year I got The Harry Potter Hedwig Lego set and as much as I cursed and grumbled putting it together I did love it. Lego isn't just for kids and after last year I really wanted another set. These two sets are top of my list, I love Dobby and the Thanos glove has been on my list for years but until now was way too expensive. £59.99 still is expensive but I do remember being twice as much and more a couple of years ago.

Gel nail set and HP eye shadow palette

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit - £24.99 - Amazon.

Over the last few months I have really got into doing my nails but the nail polish I have been using doesn't last that long and people have said gel nail polish is better so I want to give it a try. It can't be any worse than normal nail polish.

Sheglam Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Palette Set - £16.49 - Shein.

I love this set, not just because it's Harry Potter but because the colours are so pretty too. It's been ages since I had some new eye shadow so I am due some.

Phone case, light bottle, perfume and Baileys

Harry Potter phone case - £21.95.
Harry Potter Inspired Spell Bottle Light Up Wine Bottle - £10.99 - Amazon.
Lacoste Touch Of Pink For Her Eau de Toilette.

I do need a new phone case and the girls say I am old fashioned as I like a case which covers all of my phone and not just the back. It works well for me, I've never had a smashed phone screen like them. hehehe

I love the light up wine bottles and this one is so pretty and also features one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter. Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

I am almost all out of my favourite perfume and who doesn't love a glass of Baileys at this time of year. 

Funko Pop's

Lord Voldemort Funko - £13.00 - Amazon.
Loki Funko - £11.00 - Amazon.
Fawkes Funko - £13.00 - Amazon.

I have quite a few Funko Pop figures. Marvel, WWE wrestlers, Disney and of course Harry Potter one's. I only realised that I didn't have a Voldemort one the other day. Eesh! and the Fawkes one is something a bit different. The Loki has to be bought as the last one I got was a Thor one.

What are you hoping to receive for your next birthday or Christmas?


  1. I love that Harry Potter Phone case! I

  2. The gel nail polish looks lovely, but it seems a lot of faffing with it. I am curious what you think, if you get it for your birthday or Christmas. I hope you do. xx