Saturday 18 November 2023

A photo every day for a year! 11th - 17th November - Week 46 of #Project365

Doing Project 365 is a reminder how close we are to the end of the year, seeing what week we're on in the title of my post. This year has flown over. I keep thinking Christmas is ages away but it's really not. Eek!

I am so looking forward to today. We are going out to see the Christmas lights being switched on, we're having a family meal out as an early birthday celebration for me and then Stu and I are staying out for a few drinks.

Now for a photo every day! 

Big Bang theory and false nails
Pork and black pudding sausages
Windows update and birthday presents
Me with hair dye on and hair done

315/365 - 11th November
I kept seeing bits of the tv show The Big Bang Theory and on Saturday I started watching it from the beginning. It is so funny, I love Sheldon and have laughed so much as it. 

316/365 - 12th November
I had a look in one of my boxes for false nails before I bought some. I actually found 3 unopened boxes. These are my favourite one's. The fit my nails perfectly and are simple but pretty.

317/365 - 13th November
Our favourite sausages. They come from Gousto. Pork and black pudding ones. Apparently Ocado, Co-op and Sainsbury's sell them but I have only ever seen them from Gousto. Hmmf. 

318/365 - 14th November
I had a little panic when my laptop was updating, it seemed to stick on preparing to update thing for ages. Preparing took about 15 minutes and the actual update took about 5.

319/365 - 15th November
Becky wrapped my birthday presents for Tuesday. Stu said he would have but Becky loves wrapping things, weirdo. lol They are now in the living room and I can't wait to open them.

320/365 - 16th November
Hair dye day! I did mine and Ellie's, she went dark blue although it just looks black with a tint of blue when she is in the right light. She loves it though.

321/365 - 17th November
I straightened my hair as it was a bit floofy when I woke up. lol


  1. I'm with Becky - I love wrapping presents. I think some of that is because I like seeing what everyone's been bought if I'm doing it for other people! The dark blue sounds nice. Maybe I should put some darker colour through mine that's just a tint. Knowing mine it wouldn't take very well, or I'd end up some weird orange/red colour.

  2. I love your hair! That colour really suits you. It's grown really fast too.
    How exciting having your pressies all ready wrapped. I bet you are dying to open them hehe! Becky's done a fab job.
    Yay to the update finally working. At least Stu could have taken a look if it did go belly up! xx

  3. Loving the hair. happy Belated Birthday, what a lovely lot of gifts. Please send Becky my way to wrap the Christmas gifts, I'll pay her.

  4. Wrapping presents is my worst thing, I'm just no good at it! Fab hair. Where has November gone??? #project365

  5. This year does feel like it has gone by quickly – I’m the same with noticing the weeks on my gratitude posts. Glad the update went through on the laptop – it does get worrying when it’s on preparing for ages. Becky did a good job with wrapping your presents. Love the hair colour. #project365